Jinger Duggar Doesn't Seem To Miss Her Family Now That She's In California

Jinger Duggar Doesn't Seem To Miss Her Family Now That She's In California

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo recently made a big move to Los Angeles, California. The two previously lived in Laredo, Texas and are now adjusting to a new life in a new city. When the couple announced the move, some wondered whether Duggar would enjoy being even further from her family or hate it. From what we can see, she seems to be doing just fine.

Duggar and Vuolo made the move for Vuolo’s schooling

The couple took a trip out to L.A. several months ago and posted photos having a great time. Fans instantly thought the two should move there, and low and behold, Duggar and Vuolo announced a move a short time later. It turns out Vuolo is taking graduate classes out there, so the couple uprooted their lives in Laredo, Texas (where they moved after they wed in 2016), and drove out to L.A. in late June. Since then, the two, plus their young daughter, have been taking complete advantage of their new home.

Fans thought Duggar might have been feuding with her parents before the move

Duggar has notably become the family rebel. She met Vuolo through her sister, Jessa Duggar, rather than through her father, the way most Duggars do. Then, she moved far away from the family as soon as they wed and began establishing her own rules. She wore pants and tank tops and recently dyed her hair blonde. Plus, in the nearly three years she’s been married, she’s only had one child, which is unlike the other Duggars, who tend to have children one after another. People started to think that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar weren’t happy with the way their daughter was living, though Duggar cleared up any feud rumors when she posted a photo with her mother on Instagram not too long ago.

While Duggar seems to have a good relationship with the family, she’s loving her time in L.A.

Although Duggar clearly doesn’t have any bad blood with her family members, she seems to be loving her time with her little family in L.A. Duggar, Vuolo, and their daughter recently attended a Major League Soccer game, and they have been exploring the city’s dining scene as well. Plus, they’re checking out new areas, such as Santa Clarita, Studio City, and Chinatown, according to Duggar’s Instagram posts. Based on the fun she seems to be having, it doesn’t look like she’s missing her family at all.


Her family will most likely fly out to visit her soon

Duggar is busy living her best life right now and alsotrying to adjust to something entirely new. However, we’re certain her familywill fly out and spend some time with her soon enough. Duggar has always beenclose to her sister, Jessa, but Jessa justwelcomed a new baby, so it could be a while before she takes a visit. It’sunclear how often Duggar will see her family now that she’s living somewherenew, but since so many of her siblings are still back home in Arkansas, it makessense that she would do her best to come home as much as possible.

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