Jeremy Vine sparks vicious fat-shaming row as viewers clash over new health secretary Therese Coffey | The Sun

Jeremy Vine sparks vicious fat-shaming row as viewers clash over new health secretary Therese Coffey | The Sun

JEREMY Vine has sparked a vicious fat-shaming row as viewers clashed over new Health Secretary Therese Coffey.

Today's programme saw Jeremy and his panel discuss a wide range of subjects as usual.

But the one that really got viewers talking was about new Health Secretary Therese Coffey.

The 50-year-old was appointed to the role earlier this week after Liz Truss was confirmed as the new Prime Minister.

However, the host and his guests discussed whether Therese was right for the role considering she has been pictured smoking cigars and drinking in the past.

Her weight also came up, with them discussing reasons why she might be the size she is, and the debate infuriated viewers watching at home in different ways.

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Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Yes, the Health Secretary is a sight. Does nobody care about their personal behaviour or image anymore ? Particularly to other countries ? #jeremyvine."

But another argued: "Wtf #JeremyVine just switched on the TV and I’m disgusted to hear #JeremyVine discusing the new health Secretary’s appearance.

"Her appearance or whether she smokes or drinks has absolute no bearing on whether she’ll do a good job."

Meanwhile a third tweeted: "#JeremyVine unbelievable body shaming on this show absolutely disgusting."

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As for the matter of the Health Secretary and smoking, one viewer wrote: "#JeremyVine you go to any hospital’s smoking area and you’ll find it full with nurses, porters & other staff on breaks.

"If the Health Secretary smokes then she smokes! If she gets the job done I don’t care."

Another added: "Of course she can smoke if she wishes but everybody else has the right and is perfectly entitled to express an opinion that she shouldn't be smoking as Health Secretary regardless. Give over! I couldn't care two hoots about what she eats or what she looks like. #JeremyVine."

Jeremy Vine airs weekdays from 9.15am on Channel 5.

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