Jeopardy Fans in ‘awe’ of contestant who pulls off rare feat

Jeopardy Fans in ‘awe’ of contestant who pulls off rare feat

Jeopardy! contestant Ben Chan wins fifth game

Contestant Ben Chan made his return to the hit ABC game show after abruptly exiting last month having fallen ill. 

Despite Ben’s absence, the philosophy professor picked up where he left off and is now the first player in “decades” to win their first five games in a row.

Ben was up-against Lydia-Claire Kerrigan, a web development team lead from Lafayette, Tennessee, and Tom Winiarski, a media strategist and Dead-Head from Briarcliff Manor, New York.

Ben contracted COVID-19 while filming his first three games, which aired in April, so Jeopardy! scheduled him to return for the May 15 episode.

Unfortunately, Bens’s return date lead to fan-favourite contestant Hannah Wilson’s eight-day streak being put to an end. 

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The scheduling shakeup resulted in two returning “co-champions” being packed into one game during the last episode. 

Host Mayim Bialik, addressed the situation that took place on Tuesday, explaining: “We had an unusual start to the week with two returning co-champions.

“But it was Ben Chan who came up with the victory against eight-game-winner Hannah Wilson with a huge payday of $60,000 – the second highest this season.”

“Let’s see if Ben can keep his newly restarted streak going,” the co-host concluded.

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Hannah and Ben will now be in September’s Tournament of Champions, and while some fans are bothered by how the rescheduling affected Hannah’s incredible streak, they are still rooting for Ben to take home the title.  

Following his strong start, Ben put on a big grin after correctly answering the two Daily Doubles.

However Rival Tom found the remaining Daily Double, but an incorrect response and big wager left him out of the running.

Lydia-Claire was also on top form but she simply couldn’t catch up with Ben after he had racked up a whopping $26,400 giving him an uncatchable lead.

After watching Ben’s “awesome” comeback, fans took to social media to praise the philosophy professor on his win. 

In a Reddit thread, user @skiterp1082 wrote: “At least I lost to a legend! And I’ll say it again, Ben is an awesome dude. Love watching him win”

Another user, @lil_Klondike_Bar pointed out: “Ben is not only the first person to lock his first 5 games in the ‘sky’s the limit era’, but he’s also, even when you take the adjustments in value into account, the most dominating one.”

User @strangeremain admitted: “I shouted ‘he did it’ when Ben clinched his fifth lock. Can’t believe it’s been 21 years since someone last pulled it off. 

“Ben accomplished something no super champion – not even James – was able to do!” they added. 

A fifth fan wrote: “Even so…Ben managing five runaway games from his very first game is awe-inspiring.”

Jeopardy! Airs on ABC in the US.

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