Jay Leno Upholds Tradition, Brings Donuts To Picket Line To Show Solidarity

Jay Leno Upholds Tradition, Brings Donuts To Picket Line To Show Solidarity

Jay Leno showed a little solidarity for the writers Tuesday by appealing to their tummies.

The former late night host brought donuts to the picketers outside of Disney, where picketers marched around the block for hours. Lots of “thank yous” were yelled as he quietly handed out boxes from Randy’s while wearing his signature denim outfit.

It’s tradition for Leno to pass out the deep-fried confections: he also did it during the 2007 writers’ strike.

Other than a few appearances, Leno, 72, has mostly stayed out of the public eye after suffering burns to his face, hands and chest in a gasoline fire in his Burbank garage in November. His schedule is a lot more open these days, too, after CNBC dropped his classic car series Jay Leno’s Garage earlier this year after seven seasons. 

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Picketing at Disney and other locations around Los Angeles began at 1 p.m. today. WGA Committee Co-Chair Chris Keyser told Deadline he has no clue when the strike may end. “You never…know. But I will say that up until this morning, we only struck once in 35 years, and we only do it when we see an existential threat to writing as a profession, as we did when we contemplated the idea that streaming would not pay us adequately, where we had no projections there. So, I think writers understand that they need to hold together, and we’ll hold together until we solve this problem.”

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