James Bond 25 title and plot LEAK? ‘Daniel Craig likes it VERY much’

James Bond 25 title and plot LEAK? ‘Daniel Craig likes it VERY much’

The Bond 25 shoot has now moved on to Matera in Southern Italy, where it’s rumoured the film’s opening car chase scenes will be captured. And while filming has been on-going since late April, the title of Daniel Craig’s fifth James Bond film remains a mystery. However, Editor-in-chief of James Bond Brazil Marcos Kontze has shared alleged plot details and what may be the true Bond 25 title on Twitter, thanks to a source from the Italian set. According to the insider, the titles being considered are Woman Genoma or Genoma of a Woman.

The insider claims that Daniel Craig really likes Genoma of a Woman “very much.”

Allegedly, Bond 25’s plot begins in Matera where many children are in danger because of Rami Malek’s villain.

Apparently, the alleged Bond 25 title refers to Madeleine Swann’s DNA.

This would tie in with previous rumours that the plot surrounds genetic warfare.

Kontze later tweeted: “#BOND25 This just in: “They are now saying that it’s the right moment to do a conference to reveal the title, because every title that they decide, is always on the newspaper!!!”

“Regarding the #Bond25 scoops from today: To be honest, I also didn’t believe in everything the source told me, especially the title, but he/she proved to me to be an insider in the Italian sets and crew meetings, so I thought I had to share it.”

To be fair, Genoma of a Woman doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but perhaps there’s a variation on it like Genoma or Genome.

Certainly, as some Bond fans point out, it sounds similar to The Property of a Lady, one of the few unused Bond titles from Ian Fleming’s novels.

Meanwhile, other Bond 25 title rumours have been circulating for the past year or so.

Originally it was alleged the title was Shatterhand, but this turned out to be a working title.

Then Eclipse was another that supposedly leaked before A Reason To Die allegedly was dropped right before the Bond 25 Live Reveal from Jamaica. Hopefully, an official announcement isn’t too far away as the source alleges.

Bond 25 will be released in UK cinemas on April 3, 2020.

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