Influencer is flattered sex doll company stole her likeness for adult toy

Influencer is flattered sex doll company stole her likeness for adult toy

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Yael Cohen Aris has admitted there is a "flattering" element to a company allegedly stealing her likeness to create a sex doll.

The Israeli influencer discovered there appeared to have been a sex doll released which looked like her and used her name when alerted by some of her Instagram followers.

The brunette beauty, who has more than 1.1million followers on Instagram, spoke to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning.

While discussing the serious nature of the incident, Holly couldn't help but ask if Yael was flattered by the alleged identity theft.

Yael said: "I wouldn't say it exactly that way but everybody likes to feel attractive and maybe that's the positive side in it that I want to see, as I always want to see the bright side.

"I thought, 'They did it without my consent, for commercial use, it's a sex doll,' but it does mean that people find me attractive, so I found it flattering in that way.

"They took me from Israel when I didn't have much presence on social media, and that's the flattering element."

Yael said that she hadn't noticed an increase in followers since the sex doll was released.

And she isn't looking for monetary compensation from the sex doll, which even features a beauty mark under its lip just like the real-life Yael has.

She said: "I don't have anything against the sex doll industry, the problem is they did it without my consent and knowledge.

"It's double wrong because it's connected to my identity – they never hid the fact it's developed from me."

Gael went on: "I think it should be taken off the shelves then maybe we can talk about what happened, what went wrong and why, but I think there's something else I want out of it.

"I'm not talking about compensation. Learning a lesson out of this is the best story and what I hope to achieve by bringing it awareness, because that's the thing I'm trying to pusrue.

"Trying to bring a real conversation about our privacy. We need to have this discussion about how we can protect our identities."

Influencer Yael started her career in the Israeli Defence Force, continuing after her mandatory time in the army.

However she decided to follow her dreams and became a social media influencer, with her family giving their blessing after they realised how much she wanted the change.

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