I'm a star of The Chase and there are two parts of the show that always catch contestants off guard | The Sun

I'm a star of The Chase and there are two parts of the show that always catch contestants off guard | The Sun

THE Chase's Jenny Ryan has revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets, exposing elements that leave show viewers and contestants alike continuously 'baffled'.

Jenny, who has been a Chaser since 2015, recently disclosed what happens backstage on ITV’s The Chase.

The 41-year-old quiz genius, dubbed The Vixen, is one out of six Chasers, including Mark Labbett, 58, Shaun Wallace, 63, Anne Hegerty, 65, Paul Sinha, 53, and Darragh Ennis.

On every episode, the Chaser goes up against contestants, testing their general knowledge in a race to eliminate them from the game.

Since joining the show, Jenny has faced various questions from die-hard show fans regarding the programme.

Speaking on one of the biggest misconceptions about the award-winning ITV series to Express.co.uk, Jenny revealed: “Well, there's a couple [of common misconceptions] that people seem to be baffled by.

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“Sometimes, on social media, people have been known to be confused that I'm writing posts at the same time as being on the television.

She exclaimed: “Unfortunately, it doesn’t go out live!” 

Contrary to fan beliefs, the star clarified that only some Chasers are backstage during every episode.

She continued: “And the idea that all six of us Chasers are waiting backstage, and it could be any of us for any show…

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“No, we are on a rota! It would cost a fortune to have us all there, all day, every day.

“We would drive each other insane as well! There would be very high insurance.”

Jenny then split the beans on what it was like to welcome Darragh Ennis, AKA The Menace, who joined The Chase in 2020, onto the show after years of being in a team of 5.

Jenny disclosed: “It’s a bit like on Doctor Who when they add a new companion or cast a new doctor, it's a little bit like, oh, how are people going to find this, and how is it going to affect the balance of the show as a whole?

“I was the Darragh not that long ago; I was the newcomer, and actually, my colleagues really welcomed me. So we've done the same with Darragh.

“You know, I think there's a lot of chat about, ‘Will you add another Chaser?’

“But I think you'd have to ask the set designers about that because they’d have to extend that set on Beat The Chasers, and I'm not sure there's a studio big enough for that!”

The Chase airs tonight at 5pm on ITV.

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