'Humiliated' Amy Hart won't rule out Curtis reunion – but he'd have to fight if he wants another chance amid rumours he regrets dumping her

'Humiliated' Amy Hart won't rule out Curtis reunion – but he'd have to fight if he wants another chance amid rumours he regrets dumping her

HUMILIATED Amy Hart won't rule out a reunion with ex Curtis Pritchard – but he'd have to work damn hard to win back her trust, The Sun Online can reveal.

The former air hostess, 27, was left heartbroken when Curtis ended their romance after his head was turned by Jourdan Riana as soon as Amy headed to Casa Amor.

Hart was already to tell the dancer he loved her, but he instead opted to break her heart.

She then left the villa so Curtis could crack on with someone else – and he eventually coupled up with Maura.

Now that Curtis is out the villa – after coming fourth place with Maura – she hasn't ruled out a potential reunion with the ballroom dancer.

A source told The Sun Online: "Curtis humiliated Amy on national television.

"It would take a lot to build her trust again.

"She fell in love with him in the villa, and those feelings don't just disappear.

"But she's got some exciting projects coming up in the next few months, so she likely won't even have the time for a man!"

It comes amid claims Curtis regrets dumping Amy and will give their relationship another chance outside the villa.

Relationship expert April Masini believed losing Amy and shacking up with Maura made Curtis miserable.

She told the Daily Mirror: "Curtis absolutely has regrets about dumping Amy and they were a better match than he and Maura.

"Amy’s insecurity was actually a good match for Curtis' father-figure self-styling and his aphorism guru persona.

"Even though he complained about her needing reassurance, it’s one of the things that bonded them over the long run.

"Maura is much more likely to go rogue at any second, and that doesn’t suit Curtis.

"He liked who he was with Amy more than he does with Maura.

"Once they’re off Love Island, he’ll definitely reach out to Amy.

"I think that she’ll give him another chance and the pressure cooker atmosphere of Love Island will be off, and that’ll make it easier for them to give it a go."

Love Island's Jordan James today revealed Curtis' plans to call Amy as soon as he left the villa.

Jordan dropped the bombshell to Amy during an appearance on This Morning.

During the Love Island segment, which is hosted by previous Love Island winner Kem Ketinay, Amy was asked by This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford if she could 'ever be friends with Curtis'.

The blonde beauty politely responded: "I would want to be friends with Curtis. I'm not going to message him first as he is with someone new now, so it's not really my place."

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