How JoJo Fletcher Went From Being A Pre-Med Biology Student To The Bachelorette To Renovating Houses

How JoJo Fletcher Went From Being A Pre-Med Biology Student To The Bachelorette To Renovating Houses

JoJo Fletcher has renovation work in her blood. At eight years old she started helping her mother with side projects like patching interior holes and painting old apartments.

None of her family members work in real estate or development full-time, but there was always a definite passion for renovating in the Fletcher family.   

“It’s kind of always been in my family,” Fletcher told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Like my mom, when she was really young, she bought a really old, run-down apartment complex. And so when we were younger, me and my brother, we’d always go with my mom to help fix it up, start patching holes–I was young, like eight years old. She threw a paintbrush in my hand and told me to get to work. That was kind of my first experience in that field.”

Despite having a knack for all things real estate and development, when Fletcher attended Baylor University, she chose to study biology.   

“I was a biology major. So nothing to do with anything I’m doing right now,” she said with a laugh. “I was pre-med biology–thought I had it all figured out and then life took me on a totally different path.” 

But even when she was in school studying biology, Fletcher’s renovation senses were tingling. 

“I was in college when I realized there was a lack of housing, and I kind of went to my mom and went ‘Hey, I feel like kids actually want to live in homes instead of apartments.’ So we ended up doing our first house together on my campus at Baylor and then I ended up doing two more on my own after I graduated,” she said. 

An inside look at JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers’ new renovation show, ‘Cash Pad’  

Fletcher’s path ultimately lead her down a road that included finding a fiancé on national TV. 

Today, she and Jordan Rodgers are gearing up to debut their new renovation show, Cash Pad, premiering on July 25th. Funny how life can come full circle like that.

If it’s not already abundantly clear, Fletcher has a good amount of renovation experience under her belt. Rodgers, however, had little to none. But the former Bachelorette says her fiancé took on the challenge with the most positive of attitudes and a willingness to learn.   

“When we got together we moved straight back to Dallas and I actually had a property that was just waiting for me. I had purchased it before I had gone on the show so I had been working on that. Jordan and I got together and he kind of jumped in and started helping me. This past year he and I decided to start kind of a similar business together and that’s kind of what Cash Pad is. We’re basically finding homeowners, we’re partnering up with them, investing our money, and we’re turning their properties into vacation short-term rentals. So that is our business that we do together and then I also have home renovations and remodels that I still do on my own,” she said.  

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers plan to get married sooner rather than later–’it’s time’

With their latest project in full swing, Fletcher says she and Rodgers are also concentrating on their future. First thing’s first: the couple’s hearing wedding bells.  

“We started this business together and now we’re starting to wedding plan. A huge step was trying to get our finances, as a couple, in order, and I feel like that is such a hard thing to talk about as a couple for a lot of people. For three years we didn’t rush to get married, we took our time, but now we’re actually diving in. We met with our Northwestern Mutual financial planner and we’re talking about how to have a business together, how to plan for our future, how to get ready for kids one day. We want to do all the stuff that we’re doing now but be smart for our future,” she said. 

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