Horrific BBC Breakfasts Jon Kay sparks outrage after quizzing barrister over pay

Horrific BBC Breakfasts Jon Kay sparks outrage after quizzing barrister over pay

BBC Breakfast: Jon grills Barrister on calls for 25% pay rise

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Kirsty spoke with Jon Kay via video link as they discussed the latest on the barrister strikes in England in Wales, which could end up bringing the criminal justice system to a halt. Before the interview had begun, the BBC Breakfast host explained barristers had held an industrial action ballot over pay.

However, Kay sparked outrage with some viewers after quizzing the barrister over whether they should be paid more.

The host questioned why barristers are pushing for a 25 percent pay increase when rail strikers and nurses aren’t asking for that much.

User @squirtleisahoe tweeted: “Jesus christ this interview. You’d get more sense out of a pub closing time.”

Kathryn Rees said: “@BBCBreakfast Jon Kay. Could you live off 12.5K a year? Thought not. If this was nurses there would be no hesitation to condemn it. True, barristers may go on to earn much more further down the line, but what juniors are earning now is not enough to live on, fact.”

While Steve fumed: “Horrific interview from Jon Kay on @BBCBreakfast – may as well be a government spokesperson.”

Rhian Sadler went on to add: “@BBCBreakfast stop pushing the divisive narrative between barristers, nurses and railway workers. Solidarity with all striking workers.”

“Wow that awful interview by John Kay on BBC Breakfast,” Grace raged. “Both barristers, nurses AND rail workers ALL deserve a proper living wage. A complete misinterpretation as to the problem with delayed and minimal Legal Aid payments and the reasons for barristers striking. #BBCBreakfast.”

Simon Alcock tweeted: “‘So you want a pay rise of XYZ….what about nurses who are getting nowhere near that?’ John Kay joining the ‘you get paid more than enough…suck it up and get on with it’ argument.

“Pathetic…..get back to standing out in bad weather and shouting at a microphone.”

However, some viewers agreed with Jon’s question about the barristers’ 25 percent pay increase.

Alicia said: “@BBCBreakfast something tells me that barristers aren’t too badly off. Compare their pay to nurses/ classroom assistants/ council workers. Not sure there’s much sympathy.”

Tienga N commented: “I support #Barristers call for #legalaid uplift but this person speaking up on #barristerstrike threat on @BBCBreakfast is not doing a good job of highlighting what is at stake for #barristers and #CriminalJustice. #uninspiring.”

More to follow…

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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