Hollyoaks Rayne killer identity twist sealed as villager confesses to murder

Hollyoaks Rayne killer identity twist sealed as villager confesses to murder

Hollyoaks have aired a major twist as the investigation into Rayne Royce's (Jemma Donovan) shock death took a dramatic turn after one villager confessed to murder.

In scenes which are now available to watch on Channel 4 streaming and will air on E4 on Thursday (November 16), Prince McQueen (Malique Thompson-Dwyer) found himself under suspicion of killing Rayne after Zoe Anderson (Garica Brown) found an incriminating video on his laptop.

The same clip was recently cropped to show Peri Lomax (Ruby O’Donnell) which, taken out of context, confessing to Rayne’s murder. Innocent Peri has found herself the prime suspect in the murder investigation following the video’s circulation on social media and, despite the police having issued a statement to confirm that they’re not pursuing such a line of inquiry, Rayne’s fans still reckon that Peri is to blame.

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With Zoe having found the unaltered video on his laptop, the police detective came to the conclusion that Prince was to blame for the circulation of the footage, making him a potential suspect in the murder case. However, Prince was fuming by such accusations and claimed that he’d never seen the video before.

He even went as far as making a public declaration of his innocence on a radio show, stating that Zoe is trying to set him up. Prince's twin brother Hunter McQueen (Theo Graham) urged Zoe not to go to the police with the laptop, while Prince tried to lodge a complaint against Zoe.

Hunter had little choice but to come clean, telling Prince that it was he who posted the video of Rayne online in a bid to avert suspicion. Prince struggled to process the news that his sibling had set Peri up, however there was more heartache to come, with Prince suffering from a panic attack as he broke down in Hunter’s arms, making a shock confession.

He said: "Rayne’s dead and we all know who did it. I killed Rayne" but Hunter didn’t appear too shocked as he gave his brother a hug.Fans have since taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to predict another twist in the murder investigation. One fan penned: "Wait, Prince confessed really? Also Hunter supposed edited the footage of Peri in a bid to avert suspicion yet choose to do it on Prince's laptop and didn't even bother to dispose of the evidence seriously? Why frame Peri of all people though?"

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Another added: "The video was on Prince's laptop but from Hunter's reaction he knew about it so maybe Hunter used his laptop or they are both behind it." Someone else said: "OMG Prince framed Peri really? After all the support she gave him over Rayne's sexual assault allegation? Why her though? Cover his own guilt? After all doesn't exactly have the best alibi, supposedly asleep with Faye. Whose to say he didn't sneak out at some point?

Prince maybe have officially admitted to the crime but flashback scenes set to reveal all in the coming episodes, will this mystery finally come to an end or can viewers expect more twists?

Hollyoaks streams weeknights at 7:30pm on Channel 4’s streaming platform, or catch episodes on TV at 7pm on E4

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