Gogglebox star hits back at trolls over 'racist' comments about his girlfriend

Gogglebox star hits back at trolls over 'racist' comments about his girlfriend

*Trigger warning: this post contains references to racial abuse*

Gogglebox star Tom Malone Jr has hit back at online trolls after receiving ‘racist’ messages on social media about his girlfriend Bryony Briscoe.

The 26-year-old shared a powerful video on TikTok where he told his followers comments like that are not OK as he reinforced the message Black Lives Matter.

‘So not long ago I posted a video on TikTok of me and my girlfriend having fun,’ Tom Jr explained.

‘And people were saying I was punching and it was the “did you see what I done”, that was the song and it was just me and my girlfriend dancing.

‘See what I done, I’ve got a peng girlfriend. So tell me why someone feels the need that in 2020, you can comment this.’

The message Tom Jr was referring to then popped up on his video and it read: ‘It’s illegal to own them these days’.

‘We are in 2020,’ he continued.

‘People still want to be racist, people say that racism is done, it’s not. Look at this stupidness, you’re clearly not an evolved human being.

‘Look at that, report the comment, report the profile, get this gone. TikTok is meant to be a platform for people to have fun, dancing and enjoying themselves and yet you’ve got people saying stuff like this.’

‘Report it all, get it gone, this is done, Black Lives Matter,’ he concluded.

On Tuesday, Tom Jr, also shared a snap of him and his girlfriend at a Black Lives Matter protest, along with the TikTok video.

Trigger Warning this post contains racial abuse’ he captioned the post.

‘So in 2020 people are still making remarks like these. Racism is still very much alive and more needs to be done to fight it,’ he began.

‘#BlackLivesMatter is not a trend and we still need to stand up for what is right. Every single one of us has a platform on these apps no matter how big or small…and we need to use our platforms to promote change and fight inequalities.’

‘This isn’t the first racist comment on posts with my girlfriend and unfortunately, it probably won’t be the last. #BlackLivesMatter,’ Tom Jr added.

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