GMB’s Susanna Reid slams ‘gaslighting’ government over Downing Street Christmas party

GMB’s Susanna Reid slams ‘gaslighting’ government over Downing Street Christmas party

Susanna Reid has accused the government of "gaslighting" after they denied that a Christmas party took place at Downing Street last year despite a leaked video showing staff joking about the bash.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his staff have been accused of breaking rules by holding a bash at Number 10 last December, when strict Covid restrictions were in place nationwide.

A newly-leaked video shows then press secretary Allegra Stratton answering questions at a mock press conference on December 22, about a party allegedly held four days earlier.

Discussing the matter on Wednesday's instalment of Good Morning Britain, 50 year old Susanna and her co-host Adil Ray were none too pleased as they were joined by the Mirror's Kevin Maguire and the Mail's Andrew Pierce.

"'This feels like gaslighting where we know something happened, but we are constantly having the waters muddied," Susanna said in frustration.

"The spokesperson there a year ago says, 'What's the right answer if I'm asked what happened?' Well, the right answer is that you say what happened."

Adil added: "Also Susanna, hundreds of thousands of people couldn't hold the hand of their relatives who died in hospital while they were sat at home worried sick about the phone ringing to let them know that their father, their mother, their grandfather had died – as you mentioned, 600 people had died alone on that day.

"The people who made the rules were partying and doing Secret Santa in Downing Street, the very institution of this country, it's a disgrace."

The duo went on to criticise government ministers for failing to show up for their usual daily interviews on Good Morning Britain.

"We are still waiting for somebody from the Government to turn up today, aren't we?" Adil said.

Susanna replied: "We certainly are, the 8:30 slot is still available."

Adil added: "It's not just us. Apparently, most of the broadcasters this morning are still waiting for somebody from the government, but if any Conservative MP, anybody connected to the government is watching, and you would like to take your duty and answer to those people that lost family members.

"We'll take anyone, anyone from the Conservative party, any MP who feels it is their duty to address the nation, address their constituents, address the 140,000 people we lost family members, who couldn't attend funerals, who followed the rules and couldn't attend hospital bedsides as people partied in Downing Street."

In the leaked video, staff posed mock questions to Allegra in the Downing Street press conference room to help her prepare for televised media briefings, which were later axed.

Boris Johnson's special adviser, Ed Oldfield, was heard asking Stratton if she recognised reports about a Christmas party, to which she replied: "I went home."

Another employee was heard saying: "It wasn't a party, it was cheese and wine".

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