GMB’s Dr Hilary clashes with guest over ‘scaremongering’ in furious Covid row

GMB’s Dr Hilary clashes with guest over ‘scaremongering’ in furious Covid row

Good Morning Britain turned fiery on Tuesday as a debate on coronavirus vaccination got heated.

Hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid welcomed businesswoman Paris Petgrave and Pimlico Plumbers owner Charlie Mullins onto the ITV breakfast show to debate if it is ethical for employees to make their workforce get the vaccine to keep their jobs.

Charlie said that all his employees must get the Covid-19 jab or they won't be able work for his business.

However, Paris argued that forcing employees to get the vaccine or not hiring them is against "human rights".

Dr Hilary got involved in the coronavirus row when Paris brought up concerns about people planning on starting families.

Susanna, 50 said to Dr Hilary: "Paris has just made a point about if you're starting to plan a family, people have concerns about the effect on fertility.

The ITV health expert hit back: "There is no hypothetical mechanism that fertility would be affected by this vaccine.

"There's no data that suggests it would your fertility. This is scaremongering."

Paris responded: "This is not scaremongering at all Dr Hilary. As you know, pregnant people and people who are planning a family have been advised not to take the vaccine.

"Only because there's no data available yet," Dr Hilary replied.

Pairs said: "That's the advise. So don't give incorrect information to the British public."

"Routine vaccination in pregnancy is not advised at the moment because there's no sufficient data yet.

"But if people they are more vulnerable because they are on the frontline in the NHS because they are clinically vulnerable when they can have their vaccination quite safely."

It comes after Dr Hilary revealed that people hoping for a summer holiday abroad this year are "barking up the wrong tree".

With the vaccine roll-out giving Brits some much needed hope for the future of 2021, it is no wonder people are looking ahead to a time they will be able to jet off on holiday.

However, Dr Hilary has warned people to lower their expectations when it comes to summer holidays this year.

Talking to host Lorraine Kelly about when we might expect things to return to some type of 'normal', the GP said: "I hate over promising, and then disappointing people.

"The vaccination process is going to take some time. We might encounter some new variants, we might need to tweak the vaccine."

He went on: "I think people thinking about holidays this summer are barking up the wrong tree, I really do.

"Not just because of the situation here won't be better, but because of where we're going to may be lagging behind us in vaccinations and people will be nervous about going somewhere and getting stuck there."

However, he did add that there could be hope for staycations in the summer time.

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