Gloria Hunniford unveils terrifying measures to keep Masked Singer secret: ‘Was amazed!’

Gloria Hunniford unveils terrifying measures to keep Masked Singer secret: ‘Was amazed!’

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Former Rip Off Britain host Gloria Hunniford was recently the second contestant to be eliminated from the ITV singing competition, The Masked Singer. Gloria disguised herself as a Snow Leopard and sang Peggy Lee’s Big Spender, coupled with the “my word is my bond” as a clue for the judges. Speaking exclusively to, Gloria revealed the strict measures producers took backstage to keep their identities hidden from the public.

Speaking on whether there were any close encounters backstage with any of the other contestants, Gloria revealed: “I didn’t bump into anybody.

“I didn’t see anybody come off, I didn’t see anybody leave without their other clobber on, I don’t know anybody, and I was trying to guess last night.

“It’s unbelievable what they do, and of course, I was terrified, of course, I would never let anything out because they make you sign an NDA for secrecy and even the drivers etc.

“My husband and my sons had to sign then, and I was amazed at how they keep it a secret, but the clobber I was talking about is probably more troublesome than the actual costume.

“15 minutes before you get to the studio, you have to put on a sweatshirt that says, ‘Don’t speak to me’. The drivers have to have a black shirt (and) black shoes, you have to have a balaclava!

“A black balaclava, you have to have your hood up, and you have to have a black visor, I did see somebody else in the gear, but I could not see anything or anybody in there,” she explained.  

Gloria continued: “Because I talk for a living, I found it very difficult, and I had to teach myself not to speak!

“Even with the doorman who lets you into the studio, I automatically would say, ‘Hi, thank you’ or, ‘How are you today?’ So I had to teach myself.

“But then, just as I had a sweatshirt that said, ‘Don’t talk to me’, there were other people who had sweatshirts saying, ‘Talk to me’. So if I had a question or anything I knew I could talk to that person.”

“But other than that, you’re in your dressing room all the time.”

Gloria touched on wearing the balaclava and admitted: “I found the balaclava difficult, there were portacabins outside of the building.

“So, if you had to go out and do voiceovers, or if you had to go out for vocal coaching or anything like that, all that had to go on again, the dreaded balaclava!

“Sometimes in one day, you had to wear it five or six times so that, in a way, was more restricting because if you ever wore a balaclava, you know you can’t do much in it.”

Touching on whether she told any of her family about going on the show or if she kept it to herself, she said: “I only was allowed to tell four people, including a driver, so there was my husband Stephen and my two sons Michael and Paul.

“I had to tell them because otherwise I never would have been forgiven, but I said, ‘Honestly, you can’t tell your other halves in case it slips out innocently’, so they were very good.

“I watched it last night obviously, I still don’t have a clue, and I was surprised Jonathan (Ross) got me so quickly because I thought the vocal coach had taught me to not let my Irish accent slip out too much!”

Judges Rita Ora and Davina McCall were convinced Snow Leopard was a Bond actress, with them wrongly guessing Jane Seymour and Judi Dench.

Judge Jonathon hit the nail on the head, successfully realising Gloria’s radio career background along with her clue.

She narrowly lost out to Bagpipes, who judges think is a former tennis pro, and Rockhopper, who some think is a Pussycat Doll.

Gloria’s unmasking came a day after M People singer Heather Small, 56, was revealed as Chandelier.

The Masked Singer continues Saturday at 7pm on ITV. 

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