‘Get your game together!’ Bradley Walsh refuses to talk to Jenny over sub-par performance

‘Get your game together!’ Bradley Walsh refuses to talk to Jenny over sub-par performance

The Chase: Bradley says Jenny is ’having a shocker

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Bradley Walsh welcomed budding quizzers Paul, Michael, Jason and Ceri to the table during Thursday’s rerun of The Chase with each of the contestants hoping to head home with some cash. However, Chaser Jenny Ryan was the professional quizzer on hand to try and stop them – although it’s safe to say she wasn’t quite on her A-game when facing first player Ceri. And ITV host Bradley wasted no time in letting her know her mistakes.

Ceri had earned a respectable £4,000 in her cash-builder round before heading over to Jenny to see what higher and lower offers she had in store.

With Bradley by her side, Ceri stood firm with the £4,000 she’d earned in the hopes she’d be able to add it to the prize fund right away.

And she did just that – albeit with a little bit of help from Jenny when she slipped up on, what Bradley deemed to be, a rather easy question.

“What?!” Bradley screamed at Jenny when she got one of her answers wrong that Ceri had selected correctly.

Jenny tried to brush off her error but Bradley wasn’t going to let her forget it as he commented: “You’re having a shocker, love!”

And Bradley’s criticism of Jenny didn’t stop there as, when Ceri made her way back to her seat in preparation for the Final Chase, Bradley refused to get the Chaser’s feedback.

Instead, Bradley hit out: “(There’s) no point talking to you.”

Adding salt into the wound further, he said to Jenny: “You should get your game together.”

Jenny tried to shrug off Bradley criticism but sadly for her, she continued to slip up in her head to head against Jason.

Second player Jason only accumulated £2,000 in his cash-builder and opted to play for that amount in their face-off.

And again, he made it back to the final round but was majorly helped by mistakes from Jenny’s end.

This was no more evident than when Bradley asked Jason a question about the location of London train stations.

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Bradley asked Jason and Jenny which of the following London trains stations was located further north: King’s Cross, Waterloo or London Bridge.

King’s Cross was the correct answer and Jason had rightly locked it in, but Jenny had selected Waterloo.

Again, Jenny’s mistake stunned Bradley as she explained: “I’m having a nightmare – I’ve just pressed the wrong button.”

Bradley began to tease the Chaser, telling her Waterloo was “basically in France,” as she quipped back: “Stop extending my torture.”

Michelle followed in her teammate’s footsteps and added £9,000 to the prize pot – leaving it with £15,000 after just three players.

And Paul did too, adding £8,000 to the prize fund and giving the “full house” team a total of £23,000 to play for.

The foursome performed well in the Final Chase, racking up 22 steps that the underperforming Jenny would have to catch. 

But Jenny refound her form right when it mattered, catching the team with 13 seconds to spare and sending them home empty-handed.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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