FBI International fans in meltdown as romance teased

FBI International fans in meltdown as romance teased

FBI: International Season 2 Episode 18 preview

The second season of FBI: International has just taken the much-teased romance Andre Raines (played by Carter Redwood) and Cameron Vo (Vinessa Vidotto) one step further.

In the latest episode on CBS, A Tradition of Secrets, the task force is called to Switzerland to take down a cybersecurity expert responsible for a huge bank heist.

However, there was still some time for Raines and Vo to discuss their feelings for one another during the action.

Towards the end of the episode, new Fly Team member Agent Damian Powell (Greg Hovanessian) confronts Vo about the “office romance” she has going on with Raines.

Although she denies it at first, she eventually admits: “If circumstances were different there was a time where maybe something could have happened there.

“But that’s over now. Plus, we work together. The job has to come first.”

While the agents may not be ready to take their flirting to the next stage just yet, Vo’s confession is a sure sign something could eventually happen down the line.

Several fans took to Twitter after the revealing moment in the hopes of seeing something more official emerge over the coming weeks.

Excited fan @seniarov said: “Vo confirmed her feelings for Raines, what the hellskrjjd!” (sic)

@calhoun_monique tweeted: “We cannot have nice things, Vo and Raines should be a couple, their chemistry is off the charts.”

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“Vo confirming her feelings for Raines, this is definitely not the end of their love story,” @kTdefender insisted. “You cannot tell me otherwise.”

@ledarkestwolf exclaimed: “Whoa, did Vo just admit her feelings about Raines???”

“Vo & Raines need to get together ASAP,” @aclarkcountry demanded.

While @1RedChica predicted: “Powell eyeing Vo and Raines close comradery… He’s looking a lil jealous! He likes Vo!”

The new member of the team could very well swoop in at some point before Raines has the chance to declare his feelings himself.

However, it’s clear to most fans that FBI: International is definitely building up to a slow burn for these two loved-up agents.

Earlier this season, Vo and Raines joined other team members Jaime Kellett (Heida Reed) and Megan ‘Smitty’ Garretson (Eva-Jane Willis) at a bar to discuss their time together.

Raines couldn’t help getting sentimental after a few drinks and told his fellow agents how much they all mean to him.

Fans couldn’t help noticing how pointedly he was looking at Raines during the exchange, leading to another ecstatic reaction on Twitter.

The second season of FBI: International is almost at an end, so viewers will just have to keep tuning in each week to find out if the stolen glances lead to anything more.

FBI: International season 2 continues Tuesdays on CBS in the USA.

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