Emmerdales steamiest affairs exposed – babies, sex scenes and attempted murder

Emmerdales steamiest affairs exposed – babies, sex scenes and attempted murder

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Emmerdale is all about life on the farm but that doesn't mean that the show doesn't have its fair share of excitement.

In fact, the Dales have played host to some of the most outrageous storylines in soapland over the years.

If there's one thing the ITV soap does well it's a complicated love story and everything that goes along with it.

Who can forget Debbie Dingle cheating on Pete Barton with his brother Ross? or Charity's sordid affair with Zoe Tate?

As Chas Dingle and Al Chapman grow closer over the next few weeks, Daily Star has taken a look at some of the steamiest affairs ever to take place through the soap's 39 years on our screens.

Cain and Amy

When Amy Wyatt she first arrived in the Dales as a troubled teenager she was head over heels in love with David Metcalfe.

Sadly he didn't feel the same way which ultimately led to Amy having a sexual encounter with considerably older man Cain Dingle.

Amy then fell pregnant but Cain wanted nothing to do with her or the baby and told her to have an abortion.

The teen pretended to go through with the termination, but in reality, was already too far gone.

She eventually gave birth in a graveyard but thought the baby was dead and left him in a phone box.

Moira and Nate

Nate Robinson and Moira Dingle lost all self-control when they embarked on a sordid affair that carried on for months.

Their romance developed when Nate worked on the farm and started to really dislike Cain whilst telling Moira she deserved better.

His flirtation came to a head when he passionately kissed Moira in the barn, and while she initially told him it was a mistake, their affair kicked off fully just a few weeks later when Cain went away to Scotland.

As he increasingly got suspicious about Moira's behaviour Cain even accused Pete of being the other man in her life which lead to him finding out what was really going on.

The pair were ultimately caught out and an intense showdown with her husband Cain played out on a boat which culminated with the shock revelation that Cain was actually Nate's dad and a life-threatening explosion.

Tom and Charity

When Tom King turned up in the Dales his hunt for a partner began and the recently widowed and many years his junior Charity Dingle caught his eye and it turned out she felt the same way.

But Tom found it hard to believe e that such a good looking g younger woman could genuinely have feelings for him and wasn't just after his money.

Charity was tainted by village rumours that she had married her former husband for money and Tom had his doubts.

However, he did propose to charity when his friend died of a heart attack, prompting a big party in The Woolpack.

Tom's family however were less than impressed at the union and worried that charity would get left all his money.

On the day of his wedding Sadie handed him photos of Charity kissing her cousin and lover Cain Dingle.

Tom jilted Charity at the altar and while she eventually cleared her name, she refused to forgive Tom and left Emmerdale because she didn't love him anymore.

Charity and Zoe

Charity first got it together with future husband Chris much to his sister Zoe's dismay.

Zoe then offered charity money to leave her brother alone, but she declined the offer and instead, the pair then started up an illicit affair.

However, Charity soon called it a day when Zoe became too possessive for her liking.

When Chris decided to propose to Charity and she accepted, Zoe threatened to blow their relationship apart by revealing the details of their lesbian fling after secretly recording her talking about it, unless she signed a prenup.

But Charity instead decided to come clean to Chris about the affair, and he ultimately forgave her and tore up the prenup.

Zoe then moved out leaving the pair to tie the knot and run his business together.

Viv and Paddy

When Viv tried to seduce Paddy she almost got her way when they checked in to a hotel to get physical with one another behind his wife Emily's back.

However, Paddy very quickly grew a conscience and changed his mind, knocking back the advances and fleeing the room before taking it any further than some kissing.

Luckily for Paddy in the background, Viv's daughter Donna was distracted by Marlon after following her mum and failed to discover the true identity of her mother's lover.

But as Viv was shown struggling to cope with feeling alone after the rejection, Emily was already confiding in Paul that she was no longer happy with Paddy.

Al and Debbie

Al didn't let his relationship with Priya hold him back when he embarked on an affair with Debbie after a random car breakdown on a trip to Scotland led to the pair meeting.

Speaking about how Al and Debbie met, actress Charley Webb said: “His car broke down from my understanding. And I think Priya sent him from Charity to talk to me, so she actually ended up setting it up in a roundabout way.

“But yeah they met in Scotland and she fixed his car for him and he pursues her, basically.”

Priya and Debbie eventually discovered Al was two-timing them both, and set about exposing him.

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Planning their wedding as he led his double life, Priya asked Al to withdraw a wedge of cash from the bank claiming her dad had provided it.

However, she was actually siphoning cash from their business account in a bid to frame him for fraud with their boss Kim Tate.

Meanwhile, Debbie told Al she wanted to meet to discuss their future and told him she wanted to get married.

When she asked him if there was any reason why they shouldn't tie the knot, he denied anything he could think of, at which point Priya walked in and revealed she had heard it all and that his game was up.

Debbie and Ross

Debbie didn't let her engagement to Ross' brother Pete stop her from getting down and dirty with the object of her affection.

The pair eventually made plans to run away together just days before her wedding, but their plan was ruined when Cain announced that he was the father of Debbie's half-brother Moses.

All hell breaks loose as Debbie attempts to go ahead with her wedding to Pete and Cain kidnaps Ross.

The brothers had a brutal fight when Debbie was left hospitalised after a helicopter accident and Pete ultimately believed his brother was dead, dumping his body in the woods.

However, he survived the attack and later returned to continue his fight with his brother after waking up from a coma.

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