Emmerdales Nicky left reeling as Caleb announces new living arrangement

Emmerdales Nicky left reeling as Caleb announces new living arrangement

In Wednesday’s trip to Emmerdale, fans were treated to a brand new development in the ongoing Caleb Milligan saga as he continues to scheme to bring down Kim Tate.

As his plan to swindle money out of her Home Farm fortune continued to gain traction, Caleb made the decision to move in to the Woolpack alongside his sister Chas Dingle.

Although no details have been revealed as to what his ultimate plan for the Dingles is, he has been attempting to get close to his siblings Cain and Chas in recent weeks, presumably to avoid attracting suspicion from what he’s really up to.

Moving the first of his belongings into the iconic pub, Caleb even revealed he had brought a sound bar and coffee machine with him to settle into his new found home.

While his new family were delighted by the development, one person who was less than thrilled was Caleb’s secret son Nicky, who didn’t mince his words as he let his dad know how he really felt.

In a tense confrontation, Nicky hit back at his dad as he argued: “What is wrong with you, you spend enough time here as it is?”

The crux of his complaint was that Nicky was worried he wouldn’t be able to have a private conversation with his dad anymore, something that could potentially put their plans at risk as it added an extra element of danger to their plan to bring down Kim.

Fans at home were quick to share their thoughts on the change of scenery, as many took to social media to give their own opinion on the situation.

“Chas has asked Caleb to move in but it isn’t her pub it belongs to Charity and Ryan,” wrote one fan.

A second fan also weighed in on the situation as they commented: “Caleb and son gaining in confidence. From plotting in the woods to plotting in the pub”

Before a third viewer added: “Wait until the Dingles find out that Caleb isn’t an actual Dingle!”

A fourth even commented how hard it must be for Nicky to watch everyone unfold from the sidelines, despite being a Dingle himself, as they wrote: “Never thought of it b4 but it's quite sad for Nicky – he's part of the Dingle clan but having to watch from the outside.”

A handful of fans were also adamant that this could now be the beginning of the end, as the pub had too much foot traffic and too many ears for their plans to go unnoticed.

"How long until someone at the Woolie overhears Nicky and Caleb now?" quipped one fan.

"Pubs are hardly the most discreet place to hatch a plan!" Observed another.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV and ITVX


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