Emmerdale's Liam Fox reveals video of ‘paranormal activity’ on ghosthunt at home of 'violent poltergeist'

Emmerdale's Liam Fox reveals video of ‘paranormal activity’ on ghosthunt at home of 'violent poltergeist'

EMMERDALE star Liam Fox has revealed a video of "paranormal activity" as he went on a ghost hunt at the home of a "violent poltergeist".

The actor – who is best known for playing Dan Spencer in the ITV soap – recently started a spooky podcast that discusses all things paranormal.

Liam, 51, launched the Into The Unknown podcast, which looks into ghostly activity across the UK, earlier this month alongside director Gina Lamb.

Posted to Spotify, the online broadcast has been described by the actor as an "in depth and often light hearted delve into the subject of the supernatural."

On Friday, Liam took to Twitter to advertise the latest episode – which draws focus on 30 East Drive in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

The house, dubbed The Black Monk of Pontefract, is well-documented to be the home of Europe's most violent poltergeist.

Having visited the haunted house for himself, Liam took to Twitter to share a bizarre video appearing to show a ghost behind him.

"We’re now releasing our extremely bizarre footage from 30 East Drive," he posted alongside the black-and-white clip, which had been slowed down.

"The white dress was not there. Nothing was," Liam explained of the video, which saw a white object move from behind him and through a door.

He encouraged fans to listen to the podcast episode, which includes "voices" captured from the property and descriptions of "terrifying" apparitions.

"It's a scary listen, but every second is a truthful record of our day in the strangest house any of us have ever stepped foot in," Liam concluded.

Earlier this year, Liam opened up about his dad Billy's booze hell – revealing that he drank two bottles of vodka a day in a 40-year alcohol battle.

Billy died earlier this year at the age of 73, and while he passed away from pneumonia, the actor has explained that this was caused by his alcoholism.

Liam has revealed that it was "horrendous" to watch his beloved dad struggle with the addiction for nearly four decades – and he "repeatedly warned" him that it'd kill him one day.

He went on to reveal that his dad's "harsh" childhood is where he believes his problems began, with builder Billy beginning to noticeably drink more when Liam was just 13.

Liam shared: "In my teens, he started to get drunk on a regular basis. He would get home later and later and we used to absolutely dread it.

"Each time this happened, Dad would promise he wouldn’t drink again and for six months or so, he wouldn’t but then he would predictably start again."

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