Emmerdale’s Esme motive ‘rumbled’ by fans as they work out killer Manpreet twist

Emmerdale’s Esme motive ‘rumbled’ by fans as they work out killer Manpreet twist

Emmerdale fans haven’t taken kindly to the introduction of Esme and her daughter Naomi Walters after the pair were seen trying to manipulate Manpreet Sharma.

Naomi has been trying to get her dad Charles Anderson on-side after Manpreet accused her of attacking him, but recent scenes saw her biological mum Esme’s sinister streak come out.

Now fans are sure something even darker could be lurking in the future, and that Esme could go one step further and attempt to take Manpreet out of the picture in a more permanent way.

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If she were to murder Charles’ partner, it would open up the door for them to get back together and become a family unit with Naomi and Ethan included.

Taking to Twitter to air their theories, one eagle-eyed fan predicted: “Was Esme having digs at Manpreet because of Naomi or because she wants Charles back?!”

Another said: “Wouldn’t trust that Naomi and Esme as far as I could throw them,” as a third fan posted: “Esme is going to go proper psycho on Manpreet. She is already fantasising about the family that never was.”

Predicting more murder in the Dales, someone else posted: “Esme and Naomi, their combined energy is scary. I see dead people in the village’s future #Emmerdale.”

As another viewer said: “Wonder if Naomi and Esme have cooked something up between them to get what they think Esme is ‘owed’ or something, especially since Naomi didn’t even want anything to do with Charles and made him even more desperate to get to know her/make amends.”

“Naomi wants Charles to get back with Esme!” someone else penned.

Some fans have even suggested that Naomi might not be Charles’ real daughter after all, and could simply be a con artist capitalising on his good nature – having teamed up with Esme to exploit him.

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One theory posed by Express.co.uk suggested that the real Naomi might even be dead, with Charles’ current ‘daughter’ posing as an imposter.

As for Esme star Eva Fontaine, it’s far from her first rodeo in the world of Emmerdale, as she has played several different characters in the soap before.

In 2019 she appeared in several episodes as a consultant, and again in 2018 as a named physician called Dr Hamley.

She has a good track record in the world of soaps, however, appearing as Claire Amartey in EastEnders back in 2019, as well as having starring roles in Casualty and Doctors.


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