Emmerdale’s Clemmie village’s ‘next serial killer’ as fans spot ‘creepy’ streak

Emmerdale’s Clemmie village’s ‘next serial killer’ as fans spot ‘creepy’ streak

Emmerdale fans are sure that newcomer Clemmie Reed could be the next Meena Jutla in a horrifying serial killer twist.

The youngster, who recently discovered her mum Beth died of a drug overdose, has moved in with Dawn and Billy Fletcher, along with Dawn’s biological son Lucas.

But things haven’t been going well as she’s struggled to settle in, rowing with Lucas and assaulting her half-brother – with fans comparing her to Stephen King’s Carrie.

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Taking to Twitter, terrified fans predicted a very dark ending to the storyline, with one writing: “I get the feeling that Clemmie is going to be like Damien from The Omen…”

“Clemmie is like Carrie! I mean I know she’s been through a lot but she still assaulted the lad!” another fan echoed, while a third agreed: “How f***ing scary is Clemmie? I’m waiting for her head to start spinning round!”

Another echoed: “I think Clemmie will turn out to be the devil!” while someone else compared her to Hope Stape from rival soap Coronation Street, tweeting: “Clemmie is going to be another Hope!”

“Clemmie is scary looking, has the look in her eyes of Hope from Corrie!” someone else chimed in.

Others were worried that it could all be a plan orchestrated by Dawn’s ex Alex, Clemmie’s biological dad.

One social media user suggested: “I reckon Dawn’s ex knew that Clemmie was evil and that’s why he agreed so easily to Dawn and Billy looking after her!”

And a killer twist could be on its way, as one Reddit user warned: “The bad seed! Say hello to the next serial killer in Emmerdale!”

Another worried: “Is this the direction they are going in with Clemmie? Sure, they could just have her be a product of bad parenting but I have a feeling they could turn it into something more.

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“This is Emmerdale after all!”

The soap has had a slew of suspicious characters lately, with fans immediately worried about the effect Charles’ daughter Naomi could have on the village after turning against Manpreet.

She and her mother Esme look set to ruin Manpreet’s life after reminding her of her serial killer sister.

But could Clemmie be even worse?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.


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