Emmerdale tragedy, EastEnders big Lola development and 8 more soap spoilers

Emmerdale tragedy, EastEnders big Lola development and 8 more soap spoilers

If you’re an avid soap viewer then we recommend that you stock up on your supply of tissues before diving into this week’s offerings, with tearful moments and heartbreaking developments aplenty.

Lola Pearce’s condition significantly worsens in EastEnders, as the reality of her situation sets in, with her loved ones rallying around her to do whatever they can to support her.

Over in Hollyoaks, Juliet Nightingale, who is also terminally ill, realises the reality of her own prognosis as she sets about planning for her funeral, with emotional scenes ensuing.

Emmerdale, meanwhile, sees Nicola King left fearing for the life of her daughter Angel after a terrifying car crash ensues on the outskirts of the village, but will everyone make it out unscathed?

Roy Cropper is rushed to hospital in Coronation Street after his health takes a turn, with Evelyn Plummer by his side every step of the way.

See what we mean by emotional?

As always, we’ve had a first look at this week’s soapy episodes and, as a result, we’ve hand-picked the top 10 must-see moments, just for you.

Stacey’s secret revealed in EastEnders

Stacey is determined to stop Lily from being bullied, as she’s invited to join the parents committee at the school. Her inclusion, however, causes controversy, with a group of pupils who have access to her secret cam page making the connection. Lily discovers the truth and, horrified, she confronts a mortified Stacey, outing her secret in front of everyone. Despite her shock, Stacey bravely faces down the judgemental parents and shares some home truths.

Faye says goodbye in Coronation Street

Faye feels trapped by Craig, breaking down to Gary as she admits that she wants to be with Jackson, but fears that leaving Craig could land her back in prison. Craig cops on, realising how much Faye wants to leave with Jackson and Miley, assuring her that she can go if she wants. Faye does just that, leaving Craig utterly heartbroken.

Wendy and Liam embark on an affair in Emmerdale

Wendy goes to extreme efforts to help celebrate Liam’s success in being nominated for a writing award, leaving the GP touched. One things lead to another, with the pair subsequently sporting fancy dress and sipping champagne, as they move towards one another while the music blasts. There is delight when Liam scoops an award, with the pair getting caught up in the excitement of it all, sharing a kiss, with an affair seemingly set to commence.

Sienna gets a shock in Hollyoaks

Ethan has an idea to make The Loft a success, which Sienna reckons is a bit tacky, but she agrees to see it through on the basis that it will bring in some money. Her attention, however, is soon elsewhere, with the former high school teacher spotting Rafe, who is back in the village. But the bigger shock is yet to come, with the newcomer revealing that he’s moving to Hollyoaks!

The reality of Lola’s prognosis sets in in EastEnders

Lola becomes very low as her speech becomes more slurred and the reality of her prognosis sets in, as she refuses to see Janet and William. Honey struggles to deal with her complicated emotions towards the situation and confides her worries in Phil, who comes up with a plan to let Janet revise at Peggy’s. After speaking with Phil and Bernadette, Jay reaches out to Reverend Mills, who visits Lola to share her religious outlook on death which she finds very comforting.

Roy’s health takes a turn in Coronation Street

Evelyn accompanies Roy on a walk with Freddie the dog, but Roy soon suffers chest pains. Evelyn urges him to chase up his appointment with the heart specialist, with subsequent scenes seeing Evelyn left with little choice but to call for an ambulance. Will Roy be okay?

Angel’s life is on the line in Emmerdale

Nicola is livid with Jimmy for forgetting to take Angel to the dentist as he continues to struggle over his fraught relationship with Tom. Deciding to take their daughter to her appointment, Nicola instructs Angel to get in the car. Tragedy strikes, however, as Nicola’s car collides with Moira’s at an unsighted junction on the outskirts of the village. Both Nicola and Moira exit their vehicles, horrified by the sight of Angel unconscious in the back of Nicola’s crushed car.

Juliet plans her own funeral in Hollyoaks

Juliet reveals that she intends to plan her own funeral, with Peri and Romeo both offering to help her, determined to ensure that the service is exactly how she wants it. The reality of what this means, however, soon kicks in, with Juliet breaking down in tears, heartbroken at the prospect of saying goodbye to her nearest and dearest.

Ben takes action to save Lola in EastEnders 

Ben reckons Lola shouldn’t be leaving the hospital, as he struggles with her diagnosis, before lashing out at Billy and Honey, accusing the family of accepting the prognosis ‘too easily’. Phil takes it upon himself to confront Ben urging him to stop being ‘selfish’. Ben, however, leaves a voicemail for a Dr Washington, requesting help to ensure Lola is still alive in September. Afterwards, he makes a scene at a party organised by Lola’s loved ones, before leaving as Kathy and Callum try and force him to accept the reality of the situation.

Paul makes a request in Coronation Street

Paul realises there’s something wrong with his right foot but hides it from Billy. Gemma asks Paul if he’ll give her away at the wedding and he agrees to. When Jenny talks through the plans for the stag and hen do with Paul she notices he’s struggling with his right foot. Later, Dee-Dee accompanies Paul to his appointment with the MND nurse and Paul begs the nurse to consider him for Tofersen treatment, convinced it’s the answer to his prayers.

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