Emmerdale spoilers: Will Taylor flees the village after making a horrifying confession to Kim Tate

Emmerdale spoilers: Will Taylor flees the village after making a horrifying confession to Kim Tate

WILL Taylor flees the village after confessing to burying Malone to Kim Tate next week in Emmerdale. 

Malone’s body is buried at Home Farm after Dawn murdered him in self defence back in 2020.

Will recently tried to relocate Priya and Ellis’ survival night away from Home Farm. 

But next week, Kim agrees to let Priya and Ellis move their base camp for the survival event back to her premises.

Kim notices that Will seems on edge and determines to get to the bottom of what’s going on. 

Eventually, Will admits that the reason he’s worried about the base camp site is because it’s where he buried ‘the body’.

Later, Will prepares to flee Emmerdale as Kim reaches a decision, but will she drop him in it?

Later in the week, Kim proposes that Gabby draw up a will, giving her the sole parental rights to her child.

However, Gabby is shocked when she overhears Kim making a call to her lawyer and demanding full custody of Millie.

Diane suggests fleeing the village to get away from their troubles and is worried when she hears that Kim wants custody of Gabby’s baby. 

Later, Bernie suggests moving to Portugal with them, but reminds Gabby to keep quiet about her move. 

Meanwhile, Kim isn’t best pleased to discover that Andrea has requested a restraining order against her.

Viewers know that Dawn shot Malone in self defence back in 2020 after he tried to force her to take her own life by overdosing on heroin. 

She buried him in someone else’s grave in the village churchyard with the help of vicar Harriet Finch. 

Disaster struck when the daughter of a man in the graveyard beneath Malone announced that she was planning to have him dug up. 

Harriet and Will realised they needed to shift Malone’s body, moving it to a secluded plot at Home Farm.

Will Malone’s body finally be discovered?

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Actress Katherine Dow Blyton, who plays Harriet, confirmed that Malone’s body will indeed be found.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk she said: “There have to be consequences – that body is not going to stay in the ground forever. It’ll be terrifying – I can’t even imagine how that’s going to get resolved.

“But these bodies are inevitably found aren’t they?

“Harriet will take the blame – and let’s face it, she did crack him with a kettle, she did bury him and destroy evidence. Her hands aren’t exactly clean.

“She would take the fall for Dawn and protect her.”

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