Emmerdale spoilers sees Bernice dementia heartache, Vanessa exit and huge split

Emmerdale spoilers sees Bernice dementia heartache, Vanessa exit and huge split

Emmerdale viewers are in for a turbulent time as some relationships will be rocked next week.

Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that Bernice Blackstock will be plagued with health woes, but once she finally discovers what's wrong, she lashes out at those around her.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Woodfield will have a lot on her plate when she has a disagreement with Rhona about work.

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But the tensions keep on rising for her when an altercation with girlfriend Suzy Merton leaves her torn before she heads off to leave the village for good.

And David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden experience a major rift of their own which leads Victoria to move out and break their relationship off.

Bernice dementia heartache

While working at the salon Bernice becomes flustered as Bear makes an ill-advised joke towards her.

Offended by his remarks, Bernice goes to squirt Bear with the hose.

Unfortunately for her, she accidentally hits Mandy's new potential client instead.

Bernice, Mandy and Bear look on in horror as Bernice switches the water off that's drenched the Care Home Manager.

Finding it hard to control her emotions, Bernice storms out, leaving Mandy and Bear bemused.

A while later, Bob consoles Bernice as she opens up about how she's been feeling of recent.

Sensing worrying signs, Bob urges Bernice to make an appointment with the doctor regarding her recent behaviour but he's concerned when she begins to cry over the matter.

During the week, Gabby accidentally plants the seed that convinces Bernice that she has dementia and she's instantly in denial when Laurel explains it's most likely the menopause.

After visiting Liam Cavanagh, she slams out angrily at the doctor when he reveals that she doesn't have dementia, but is most likely going through the menopause.

Vanessa exits

Rhona is faced with a big decision regarding the purchase of Jamie’s share of the veterinary business.

But time runs out when Kim arrives, demanding an answer as soon as possible.

Soon, Vanessa is left unimpressed when Rhona tells her about buying Jamie’s share and things become heated as Rhona reveals the conditions of the new contract (Kim gets 15% off veterinary bills), and an angry Vanessa tells her that she's decided to accept a job in Canada.

While feeling tipsy and furious, Vanessa and Rhona continue to argue.

But the pair hit rock bottom when they both bring up things better left in the past.

The following day, Vanessa nurses a mighty hangover and with Suzy missing, Vanessa’s anxieties surrounding her absence begin to resurface once again.

But when she does find her, Vanessa’s stunned to see Suzy giggling with Leyla amongst a mass of cake, tissue and tears.

Assuming they’ve both started using again, Vanessa becomes furious by the betrayal.

Trying to convince her otherwise, Suzy tires of setting a stubborn Vanessa straight.

When Leyla provides evidence of their sobriety, Vanessa’s mortified to have jumped to such a conclusion so quickly.

Due to their previous disagreement, soon Vanessa and Suzy are left heartbroken as they come to terms with the fact their relationship is over.

Meanwhile, at the pub, everyone cheers as Vanessa arrives at her farewell party.

But the villagers are shocked to learn that Suzy won't be joining her on her departure.

Vanessa bursts into tears at the realisation things are officially over.

As Vanessa prepares to leave the village for good, everyone says their emotional goodbyes to Vanessa as she puts the last of her things in the taxi.

Huge split

Victoria is left feeling furious when David tells her about the speeding ticket in her name.

In a fit of rage, she threatens to go to the police herself if David doesn't clear up his own mess.

While in an interview room, David hopes he's said enough as he pleads his case to the investigating Police Officer.

Meanwhile over in the Hide, Ryan, Bear and Marlon are all taken aback when Victoria tells them about David's betrayal.

David arrives to tell her the news, but Victoria looks like she's at the end of her tether with him and their relationship.

Later, David finds Victoria moving her belongings out of the house, leaving him crushed when she reveals that it’s over between them.

Wendy offers Victoria a key to Dale View as Victoria tries to convince herself that she’s doing the right thing by moving out.

Later, David heads out to try and win Victoria back but notices he has other fish to fry when he sees Bear working in the Shop.


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