Emmerdale spoiler video: Sandra's evil plan sees Liv consume alcohol

Emmerdale spoiler video: Sandra's evil plan sees Liv consume alcohol

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Scheming Sandra (Joanne Mitchell is ramping up her plan against daughter Liv (Isobel Steele) in a new Emmerdale preview clip.

While trying mocktails in the Woolpack, Sandra spies an opportunity when Wendy (Susan Cookson) asks to try the same drink, but with a ‘drop of rum’. The plan further shapes itself when she is forced to leave the table to take a phone call.

As Bob (Tony Audenshaw) sets the drinks down on the table, he thoughtfully points out which one has alcohol in it. Good old Bob, always looking out for people.

Taking her own phone out, Sandra distracts Liv with a video of some cats, before taking the opportunity to switch the drinks around.

As Liv takes a sip, she immediately recoils, pointing out the alcohol in the drink.

Sandra instantly spins round to glare at Bob, insinuating that it was his fault. Poor Bob.

It seems Sandra is prepared to sink lower and lower when it comes to getting what she wants.

She started by stealing from Liv and Vinny, before moving on to the tip jar in the salon. When that didn’t work out, she subtly used Liv’s asexuality to try and push Vinny and Gabby together.

Now, she’s targeting her daughter’s alcoholism.

What depths could Sandra possibly be prepared to sink to next?

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