Emmerdale Jamie return horror, little Millie goes missing and Mack affair twist

Emmerdale Jamie return horror, little Millie goes missing and Mack affair twist

Emmerdale fans are in for a shock next week, as unexpected occurrences finally bubble to the surface.

Emmerdale spoilers can reveal Kim Tate will be left in an utter state of shock when Millie's grandmother Hazel informs her that her son Jamie is alive and well.

Struggling to make sense of the situation, Kim begins to lash out but things become even worse when a confused Millie decides to run away from the situation altogether.

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Elsewhere, following his secret affair, Mackenzie Boyd is tempted to tell his partner Charity Dingle about what took place.

But decides to hold back his confession when something else crops up.

Feeling clearly frustrated when Hazel and Millie don't show up, Kim is left left shocked when she learns Hazel has been involved in a terrible accident.

While at the hospital, Kim is perplexed when Hazel reveals she was pushed down the stairs by Jamie who Kim believed to be dead.

Hazel begins to feel worried when Kim insists she tells her exactly what he’s been up to.

A while later, Hazel eventually fills Kim in on the details of her time with Jamie.

But a stern Kim wastes no time in calling the police to report him for attempted murder meanwhile Millie is scared and confused upon seeing Kim.

Determined to keep her safe from now on, Kim seethes with anger at what has happened while she was left in the dark regarding Jamie's whereabouts.

Later on in the week, Millie is shy as she arrives at Home Farm with Kim.

Dawn, Will and Gabby struggle to get their heads around the news Jamie is well and alive.

Not long after, once left alone, the years of hurt and betrayal from Jamie boil to the surface as a weeping Kim smashes up the Home Farm living room.

The following day, the police show Kim definitive proof that Jamie is alive.

Later, after overhearing Kim talk about her dad, a confused and upset Millie reacts badly which leads her to run away leaving Kim petrified.

After looking for her granddaughter, Kim is anxious when policewoman Harriet informs her they’ve not been able to find Millie.

Following his unexpected one-night stand Mack is feeling nervous and anxious about cheating on his partner Charity.

Feeling guilty, Mackenzie beats himself up over his secret sexual encounter and decides on telling Charity the truth but soon backtracks as he follows a suggestive Charity upstairs.

Later on, Charity is thrilled and excited when Mack surprises her with a trip to Ibiza.

Elated by their upcoming getaway, Charity prepares for her trip abroad as furtive Mackenzie answers a call, demanding that the person on the other end leave him alone.

Will he still decide to tell Charity what took place?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV

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