Emmerdale fans work out Jamie christening return after Andreas mum phone clue

Emmerdale fans work out Jamie christening return after Andreas mum phone clue

Emmerdale fans think they have worked out a new twist involving Jamie Tate at his son Thomas' christening later this week on the ITV soap.

Only recently, Gabby Thomas and Kim Tate have been arguing over Thomas' christening after Kim learnt that her granddaughter and Jamie's other child, Millie, wouldn't be able to attend due to being unwell.

After Lydia and Will were forced to intervene in the feud, the feisty duo finally agreed on a date for Thomas' christening as they resolved their differences.

In a sweet gesture, Gabby decided to plan a surprise for Kim as she headed to Millie's, whose mother Andrea Tate was murdered by Meena Jutla last year, other grandmother's home.

It was soon clear to see that granny Hazel, who fans recognise from Coronation Street, had been lying about Millie's illness as the youngster appeared at the front of the house and begged to go to Thomas' christening.

As she left the property, Gabby looked suspiciously at Millie and Hazel with the latter then making a phone call to Jamie, who the ITV soap confirmed last year is indeed still alive.

Viewers will recall that there was speculation around whether or not Jamie was still alive after he crashed his car into a lake in soap-tastic style last year.

And it was confirmed later on that the vet was in fact alive and that he had been cooking up a revenge plan with granny Hazel behind his mother Kim's back all along.

Hazel warned on the call: "Hi Jamie, we've got a big problem. Millie's going to have to go to the christening tomorrow. Gabby just turned up and saw she wasn't ill, so keeping her away will just make them more suspicious.

"Okay, I know it's a mess but I will be with her all of the time, I've just got to make sure she can't say anything that will give us away.'

Soap watchers are now already predicting that Jamie's betrayal will be exposed by three different options — Millie will accidentally let slip her dad is in fact alive, Gabby will discover the truth through some digging or Jamie will show up at the christening, leaving everyone shocked.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "Millie is definitely gonna let slip that her dad is alive calling it now, or Jamie turns up at the christening tomorrow. #Emmerdale."

A different account put: "Jamie Tate incoming…..#emmerdale."

Another follower wrote: "Is Jamie Tate coming back?!! #Emmerdale."

While a different viewer added: "#Emmerdale So are we all in agreement that Jamie and Millie are going to turn up at the christening?"

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