EastEnders star Danny Dyer sent mystery blonde a selfie in his boxers and begged her to send ‘some filth’ – The Sun

EastEnders star Danny Dyer sent mystery blonde a selfie in his boxers and begged her to send ‘some filth’ – The Sun

EASTENDERS star Danny Dyer begged a blonde to send him “some filth” and declared that he felt “nawty”.

He also shared a sex video with her and a saucy selfie of him in his pants on his stag do.

The 41-year-old star — who is thought to have sent them all in jest — is now ­worried that the video will leak online after being shared with others.

Danny, who plays Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter, displayed an animal instinct while at a safari park for the weekend.

He was squirrelled away at the Port Lympne hotel and reserve in Hythe, Kent, which offers stays surrounded by enclosures containing wild animals.

With no nearby nightlife to enjoy, Danny grabbed his phone and took to texting the woman late at night.

In his bedroom, he took a selfie of his reflection in a mirror showing off his naked torso in a pair of white Calvin Klein pants.

A source said: “Danny was in a very playful mood. He sent some texts to a woman and then did a selfie in his pants which he also sent to her.

“He had a look on his face which was making it clear he was having fun.”

The messaging happened in June 2016 just weeks before Danny married long-term sweetheart Jo Mas.

Jo and their daughter Dani — who won TV’s Love Island last year with Jack Fincham — had arranged his stag do at the remote venue in an attempt to keep him out of mischief.

The source said: “I’m sure Jo wouldn’t have been happy if she’d known what he was doing, particularly so close to their wedding day.

“It wasn’t the wild stag do he had imagined so he must have got bored.” A few weeks earlier, Danny sent other messages featuring sex chat to the same woman. He asked her to send him “some filth” and said he felt “nawty”.

On another date around the same time he sent a saucy film to her.

In a video — seen by The Sun on Sunday — he appears to perform a sex act on himself in a dark room.

Lying back on a chair, he lifts his shirt to reveal his naked torso.

His lower half is not seen but he looks about the room to make sure no one is watching him.

Sources say the soap star filmed it on a mobile and will now be dreading it leaking.

One source added: “Although Danny and Jo are happily married he will be terrified of the video becoming public — it’s embarrassing for them.

“He’s clearly moved on with his life since then and him and Jo have been getting on well.” Back in 2016 Danny was battling personal issues, which led to him to take a lengthy break from the BBC1 show.

There is no suggestion he had a physical relationship with the blonde.

The Sun on Sunday approached the woman but she refused to talk.

It is not the first time Dyer has been in trouble over sending texts.

In February 2017 The Sun reported how he sent a snap of his manhood to a young mum — who was then confronted by daughter Dani on Facebook calling her a “skank”.

Dad-of-three Danny has repeatedly had to beg forgiveness from half-Spanish Jo — who he wed after 30 years together.

Before their big day in ­Hampshire, Jo said: “When Danny walks down the aisle he has to serenade me with Hello with new lyrics, ‘Sorry for all the s*** you’ve put me through’. I said he’s got to sing it.”

She admitted that Danny had no involvement in the £125,000 wedding plans. He told a glossy magazine after the ceremony in September 2016: “I was overwhelmed. Jo looked stunning — and seeing her there with all my beautiful children — I was really moved. It couldn’t have been any better.”

Before Danny hit the big time Jo was the main breadwinner with a job as a financial adviser.

They first split up when Dani, 22, was just three. They got back together when Dani was still young but the relationship hit a snag last year when the actor moved out of their Essex home.

Jo was said to be furious at his lifestyle, and was devastated by the revelation that he had secretly bedded Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding.

The star and Jo realised they couldn’t live without each other — despite all their bust-ups. In happier times Danny has described Jo as a “rock”, adding: “She’s the engine room that runs this family.”

Danny has been in EastEnders since 2013. He turned down a role in the show in 2009 saying he would not join the soap until he was “fat, bald and fifty’’.

In February, he won the best serial drama performance at the National Television Awards for his role.

Afterwards he opened up in an interview about his past in a “dark place’’.

He told The Independent: “I’ve had a mad couple of years, a lot of soul-searching. Pre that, I was a bit of a lunatic. Self-sabotage, all that.

“I was in such a dark place, I was slowly committing suicide. I had no hope, I hated myself, couldn’t look in the mirror for more than five seconds.

"It just repulsed me, what was looking back.

“I was just pressing the f*** it button all the time. It got to a point where I thought I was going to die – I don’t think I’m going to wake up."

Danny went into rehab over booze and drugs in 2017. In an interview last year with Piers Morgan he was asked whether he missed drinking.

He said: “A bit, but not really. I hate what it does to me, the way it makes me behave.

“Problem is, once I start, I can’t stop.”

He's had ups and downs

DANNY Dyer has led a ­turbulent love life with plenty of ups and downs.

Long-suffering wife Jo has forgiven his countless episodes of cheating — despite kicking him out twice.

A year after they married it emerged Danny had a six-week affair with Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding in 2012.

The couple got together with Sarah believing he was single and they were shooting scenes for the film Run For Your Wife.

In 2001 Jo booted him out after he was linked with Billie Piper and seven years later he was given his marching orders again after a wild bender with Lily Allen.

In 2013 Laura Boyd, 20, told how she had sex with the star four times in one night at a Belfast hotel as he was about to become a dad for the third time.

A year later Jo again forgave him after he spent the night with a student and the same year he had a threesome with Cara Chamberlain and a pal of hers in a Blackpool hotel.

Months later he was pictured naked by a woman he met in a nightclub.

His booze and drugs binges culminated with a meltdown at the National Television Awards in 2017.

It was the spark to send him into rehab.

TV bosses ordered him to take a break from East­Enders and “get his head together’’ as his life threatened to spiral out of control.

In 2018, Dyer called ex-PM David Cameron a “t**t’’ in an outburst about Brexit.

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