EastEnders Jessica Plummer makes emotional tribute to soap crew as she reveals final episode 'is like a movie'

EastEnders Jessica Plummer makes emotional tribute to soap crew as she reveals final episode 'is like a movie'

EASTENDERS star Jessica Plummer has paid an emotional tribute to everyone who works on the soap before her character tragically dies in tonight’s episode.

The soap stars tragic character Chantelle Atkins will die onscreen tonight at the hands of abusive husband Gray.

The actress teased her fans that tonight’s shocking scenes are “like a movie” thanks to the “incredible crew” that captured the shots.

Taking to social media last night, she wrote: “Before tomorrow’s episode airs. I just wanted to say how incredible all the crew were in my final weeks of shooting.

“The behind the scenes work that is done is insane. Crew are the first people in at the top of the day and the last out at the end.

“Their work is demanding on so many levels yet every single person would come in with the biggest smile and the word dad jokes, ready to take on the day.”

Jessica joked: “If ever there was tension it would only ever be because the best biscuits were taken from the snack box, with only the green bananas or dry digestives to choose from.”

The singer continued to thank the team for their work, adding: “Art department/props/camera/lighting/sound/script/makeup/wardrobe/1st 2nd and 3rd ads/runners,artists ad and the man that trusted nd pushed us all to our limits, Toby Frow thank you.”

Jessica joined EastEnders in March last year as battered wife Chantelle.

Horrified viewers have watched in recent weeks as she tried to escape violent husband Gray. 

The actress teased her fans saying that tonight’s episode will be “like a movie”, she wrote: “P.S the incredible man hidden in this picture is Ian Adrian, the man behind the camera. I can’ wait for you to see the shots he captured. It’s like a movie!!

“Tomorrow 8.30 BB1. Come and see what we made xx”

The star also shared a series of snaps from her last week on the soap, including photos with her  on screen husband Gray Atkins played by Toby-Alexander Smith and pictures of her on-screen family.

It looks like it’s been a difficult week for Jessica after she got into a screaming row with the father of her daughter – which ended with her sobbing in the street.

The argument kicked off as the childhood sweethearts walked up Streatham Hill in South London. 

“I looked out of the window because there was a huge public row going on, and I could hear a woman screaming at someone,” an eyewitness tells The Sun Online. 

“As soon as I saw her, I realised it was Chantelle from EastEnders. I recognised her straight away. 

“After they finished screaming at each other she sat down on a wall and cried and he stormed off in one direction and she walked off the other way.”

In the video, taken on Wednesday 9 September at 10.59am, Jessica is caught shouting at her daughter’s father, known only as Jaz. 

“You’re selfish. You’re selfish,” she repeats, before being heard to call him “a sneaky person”. 

However, a source close to Jessica tells The Sun Online: “Things got said in the heat of the moment but it’s all blown over now. It’s not a big deal.”

The former Neon Jungle singer’s exit was announced earlier this month as EastEnders began sowing the seeds for Chantelle’s tragic end.

EastEnders are yet to confirm details of what happens next, and viewers will have to watch to find out.

Speaking about why Chantelle decides to escape to a women’s refuge rather than confiding in her family, actress Jessica Plummer said: "Chantelle’s parents have a  relationship with her husband, so for her to tell her parents is to potentially not escape.

"Gray is clever, he’s smart and he’s not going to let her just walk out of the door. I think it’s easier for her to just run."

Talking about the tragic end to the harrowing storyline, Toby Alexander-Smith – who plays Gray – said: “It’s certainly going to be a shock for the audience and I think that it is important that it concludes in such a tragic way. 

"So we’re encouraging women to speak out before that does happen because sadly it is happening. And it’s happening more and more frequently."

He added: "And the importance of this storyline is to give the women courage to speak out and to know that people are listening and to know that there are services out there to help.

"As shocking as it is to watch hopefully it will give the survivors out there the courage to reach out and get help."

Executive producer Jon Sen previously explained: "Chantelle's story is such an important one to tell accurately and upon both characters' inception we planned her tragic ending with the intention of embedding the stark reality of domestic abuse at the heart of the Atkins family.”

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