EastEnders fans reckon they know who will die later this year after obvious clue

EastEnders fans reckon they know who will die later this year after obvious clue

Last night's episode of EastEnders seemed to have provided an 'obvious' clue on who will die in the highly anticipated Christmas episode, according to eagle-eyed viewers.

While Keanu recovers in hospital, after being beaten by Ravi out of his bosses' fear that he would turn them over to the police and tell about the drugs he had transported for them, fans believe they've sussed the what will happen next.

It appears that the major hint, given in tonight's final scene of the BBC soap with characters Sharon, Keanu and Nish, could be the key to identity of the person who will face their final farewell in the festive special.

During this pivotal scene, Sharon shares with the police a recording of a voice message Keanu left for her before he was attacked by Ravi.

However, just as fans think Ravi has finally been served justice by being quickly questioned by the police, when Keanu was asked to confirm if it was Ravi, he denied and said Ravi was only briefly there.

With little evidence to hold Ravi, the police had no choice but to let him go. Viewers then watched as him and Nash headed towards the Queen Vic, with a fuming Sharon inside who furiously asked them to leave.

Desperate to check on Keanu, Sharon headed to the hospital and proposed to him, telling him that she couldn't imagine a life without him.

However, the couple were soon interrupted by Ravi's father Nish who, although seemed pleased with Keanu's initial admission to the police, made a threat to the pair if they spoke out, after Sharon stood up to him and demanded he leave.

EastEnders fans are now convinced this scene could be the answer to what happens at Christmas time as it was confirmed earlier this year that an as-yet unidentified man will die, with the six matriarchs of Walford all somehow implicated.

Posting on social media their theories on the storyline, fans said: "So Nish threatening Sharon and what with the Vic, connects Suki to everyone in The Six but Kathy… Eve being involved with Jack for business means she and Denise are going to get closer #EastEnders," one fan suggested."

A second added: "Definitely too obvious to be Ravi or Nish at Christmas, as they are already connected now to Sharon, Suki, and Denise at the moment."

A third shared: "I have the perfect candidate for that body on Christmas someone will definitely kill nish… I mean come on the man is literally begging for it with all his crap #EastEnders."


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