EastEnders' fans fuming that 'indestructible' Phil Mitchell was 'killed by a spanner' as Stacey attacks him

EastEnders' fans fuming that 'indestructible' Phil Mitchell was 'killed by a spanner' as Stacey attacks him

EASTENDERS fans are left fuming after indestructible Phil Mitchell was killed by a spanner.

In last night's episode Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) attacked the hardman – played by Steve McFadden – with the tool to protect her husband Martin Fowler from being beaten up.

But viewers were less than impressed as Phil has overcome a whole host of fatal accidents during his long run on the BBC One soap.

One watcher tweeted: "Shot twice, pushed down that hole three times, liver disease, battered countless timess… yeah I think Phil will be fine."

A second shared: "So Phil Mitchell survived multiple car crashes,shootings, the Queen vic fire, a kidnapping, Drink driving, liver damage, a gas explosion, a brick and a goddamn HEART ATTACK… but a spanner to the head, A SPANNER!N’aaah C’mon Eastenders sort y’self out."

A third vented: "Phil Mitchell #EastEnders death by spanner. Feel it should have been a Christmas Special."

Another wrote: "Lol people actually think that Phil Mitchell was casually killed off on a regular Tuesday episode in the middle of July by Stacey hitting him with a spanner!? …sure."

While other viewers don't think this will be the end of the former Queen Vic landlord.

A separate viewer tweeted: "I’m sorry to disappoint everyone but there is zero chance the writers of Eastenders have killed Phil Mitchell on a regular Tuesday with a spanner."

"Killed off Phil Mitchell!? Nahhhhhhhh, next episode will enter with a bell sound and it will be business as usual", speculated another.

Phil Mitchell's Near Misses

  • 1994: Phil Mitchell was hospitalised after being beaten up by brother Grant, which left him with a blood clot on the brain, after finding out he had an affair with Sharon Mitchell
  • 1999: Phil and Grant crashed in to the River Thames after fleeing an armed robbery together
  • 2001: Phil was shot by Lisa and left for dead after Steve and Mel Owen's wedding
  • 2007: Phil was involved in a family car crash with Ian, Ben and Peter after he drove into a tree, which sent the vehicle careering into a lake
  • 2010: Phil narrowly survived the Queen Vic fire after being locked in the pub by his mother, Peggy Mitchell, in a bid to stop his substance addiction
  • 2011: Shortly after escaping the blaze Phil had a heart attack, but Ian Beale helped him in his time of need – despite their ongoing feud – for the sake of Ben
  • 2013: After a brawl with Jack Branning, Phil was left fighting for his life in the vehicle pit in the garage – only to return and seek revenge
  • 2013: Phil was involved in a major car accident after Carl White unfastened Phil's seatbelt during a drive, which sent him through the windscreen
  • 2014: Shirley Carter shot Phil Mitchell after she found out he wanted to pursue his romance with Sharon
  • 2014: Shirley's father Gavin hired two henchmen who kidnapped Phil and beat him to death
  • 2015: After kidnapping Vincent Hubbard's daughter, he sought revenge and attempted to strangle Phil to death
  • 2015: Phil almost died in another car crash with stepson Dennis while drink driving
  • 2016: Phil's ongoing battle with alcohol over the years took its toll on him, and he learnt he had cirrhosis of the liver, a disease that could kill him if not treated. After finding out he only had 12 months to live, he underwent a liver transplant
  • 2017: Phil was knocked unconscious after an exposed gas line exploded during the Walford in Bloom competition
  • 2019: Phil is hospitalised and feared to be dead after Stacey Slater hit him over the head with a spanner in The Arches

In Tuesday night's episode Phil threatened to harm Kat's son Tommy, forcing her to follow him to the garage to have it out with him warning him not to threaten her boys.

But as Martin spotted the row and followed, he found Phil screaming abuse at Kat.

Phil shouted: "People like you think I've changed, people like you think I'm slowing down but I ain't. I haven't changed, nothing ever changes, we are what we are, do you understand?"

Martin swiftly waded in and warned Phil to get his hands off Kat, and Phil turned his rage towards Martin.

Phil brutally began to beat Martin before holding a metal bar across his throat as Martin struggled to breathe.

In upcoming episodes a major Mitchell family secret is set to come to light, which some believe will be about the father of Sharon Mitchell's baby.

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