EastEnders episode guide: Stacey's secret revealed, Lola bad news, Whitney clash

EastEnders episode guide: Stacey's secret revealed, Lola bad news, Whitney clash

There are secrets and schemes in EastEnders next week, as Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) is forced to take drastic action in order to keep her family safe.

When she ends up stealing some cash to keep a roof over their heads, she has a change of heart – but it’s too late.

As she gets even deeper, it leads to a rift as she and Kat (Jessie Wallace) argue.

There’s tension elsewhere too, as Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) continues playing with fire as he plots against Jack Branning (Scott Maslen).

As Denise Fox (Diane Parish) regrets ever getting involved with him, he turns nasty, before coming up with a new idea to use her against him.

How far is he prepared to go?

And Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) wants to do everything for Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), so he and Lexi are far from impressed when Emma (Patsy Kensit) sticks her oar in.

As she is faced with her past, there’s further anguish as the signs are pointing to Lola getting worse…

Here’s what to expect next week.

Monday March 13

There’s calamity at the Slaters when the fridge breaks down, but Stacey isn’t fussed as she’s got cash to splash. Suspicious Jean demands to know if she nicked it from the office, but Stacey denies it – until Lily gets into a fight at school.

Realising if caught she could go down and lose her kids, Stacey enlists Jean’s help to return the money by distracting security guard Alan. However, things don’t go to plan but Callum later arrives and asks Stacey to go to the station the next day to explain herself.

Under pressure from Ravi, Denise contemplates breaking into Jack’s laptop to get the information he needs. She almost does the deed until she receives a call saying Amy has been in a fight at school.

Later, she seeks Ravi out and calls his bluff saying she won’t betray Jack and he can do his worst. An unaware Kim consoles her as she goes on a guilt trip about letting Jack and the family down.  

Jay and Lexi are worried when Lola zones out, but she refuses to get checked out. Instead, she pours all her energy into a brain tumour awareness fundraiser until she zones out again.

Jay insists they go to the hospital and later tries to convince Lola to get a counsellor for Lexi, who is struggling to cope, but Lola is determined to support her daughter herself.  

Freddie hits upon an idea to make fast cash for the struggling Slaters.

Tuesday March 14

Worried Stacey prepares to go to the police station, fearing she’ll be thrown back into prison and miss Lily’s prizegiving later that day. En-route, she goes to see Alan and threatens him. In the interview, Stacey denies stealing the money in the face of Callum’s questioning.

Back in the Square, Kat is holding court with the Slaters in The Vic, and Stacey arrives back and feels overwhelmed by the scene. The family follows her home, where Kat reveals she’s using Mitchell money to solve Slater troubles, sparking a massive row between her and prideful Stacey.

Ravi prepares to break into the Branning house to search for the info he needs but gets interrupted by Chelsea. He manages to come up with an excuse, and they share a flirty exchange.

It looks like Ravi has his chance to snoop when Chelsea has to go see to Jordan, but Denise and Jack arrive home with Keanu in tow. Denise is desperate to set Keanu and Chelsea up on another date. Chelsea is sceptical, but Keanu convinces her to give him a chance.

Having convinced Lola to arrange counselling for Lexi, Jay is frustrated when Emma arrives and undoes all his good work. Emma reveals that she’s come to see how Lola is because worried Lexi called her.

Lola is concerned that Emma secretly gave Lexi her number and encouraged her to lie, but soon forgives her. Jay is fuming when Lola cancels the counsellor after Emma gives her opinion. 

Meanwhile, Alfie is shocked with Freddie’s money making scheme.  

Wednesday March 15

Jay and Emma clash over their different approaches to Lola’s situation. Emma wants him to stop being so over-protective, but Jay is adamant Lola mustn’t do too much. They convince Jay to go out with Ben and Callum while Emma accompanies Lola to the hospital.

The doctor has some worrying news for Lola. Back in Walford, Lola doesn’t want Emma to fetch Jay, but she goes to find him anyway.  Out with Ben and Callum, Jay has been joined by Shanti, a girl on a hen night she’s not enjoying.

They are talking about how much he loves Lola when Emma walks in and sees them being too close for comfort. Jay is stunned to arrive home to a furious Lola who tells him that Emma saw him and he needs to get out fearing he has cheated.

Whitney’s first day back on the market is tough as Mother’s Day is the big topic of discussion. It does her good to be busy, but when she gets the call to say Peach’s ashes are ready to collect, she is broken.

Zack tries to talk to her, but Whit can’t handle it and rushes off, blaming everyone for making her go back to work too soon. When Zack catches up with her at home, Whitney insists she’s not ready to say goodbye to Peach. 

Jean tries to broker peace between warring Kat and Stacey, but to no avail. Martin returns home flush with cash and ready to counsel headstrong Stacey.

He gets her to see that turning down Kat’s help is madness, and she agrees to apologise but just as it looks like she and Kat have called a truce, it all kicks off again. 

Keanu and Chelsea go on a date at The Vic, but when his back is turned, Ravi slithers over to flirt with flattered Chelsea. 

Thursday March 16

Zack tries to talk to Whitney about having a memorial for Peach, but she’s evasive. They agree to pick up their daughter’s ashes together until Whitney sees Lily have a health scare and uses the moment to ditch Zack.

Whitney and Lily return to the Slater house, where Whitney goes completely over the top about protecting Lily’s unborn baby and a row ensues.

Meanwhile, Zack struggles with his emotions as he sits with Peach’s ashes. Later, he sees distraught Whit and calls her out on her decision to let him go alone to do the tragic task.  

Heartbroken Jay can’t believe Lola thinks he’s capable of cheating and is horrified to hear she’s having an MRI and he didn’t know. Honey convinces him to go to the hospital to support his wife, and she tags along to distract overbearing Emma.

Terrified Lola finally agrees to speak to her husband, and they share a deep, painful conversation about what’s happening. Meanwhile, Honey tries to dig deeper with Emma and find out why she’s so controlling. Can she convince Emma to ease up on Jay and release her grip on Lola? 

Chelsea isn’t best pleased to hear Keanu has agreed to work for Sharon. Ravi is delighted to see discord and hopes to manoeuvre his way in.

As Karen desperately tries to convince Chelsea that Keanu’s into her, she’s getting bad vibes about where his real feelings lie. But when Chelsea asks Keanu flat out if he still loves Sharon, what will he say? 

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