Drug binges made me sick and dirty – I’d turn up high to the EastEnders set, says Dancing On Ice’s Patsy Palmer | The Sun

Drug binges made me sick and dirty – I’d turn up high to the EastEnders set, says Dancing On Ice’s Patsy Palmer | The Sun

DANCING On Ice's Patsy Palmer opened up about drug binges leaving her "sick and dirty" during her time on EastEnders.

The TV star – who is best known for playing Bianca Jackson in the BBC One soap – revealed her struggle in her tell-all autobiography, All Of Me, Life, Love And Addiction.

Patsy, 50, who made her debut on the ice rink over the weekend in the new series of DOI, confessed everything in her book, released in 2007.

The autobiography detailed the height of her drug addiction, including how she chain-smoked cannabis.

The actress admitted to using the drug before picking up her children, Charley, 30, Fenton, 22, and Emilia, 21, from school.

She revealed she would also turn up to film on the BBC set for EastEnders high on ecstasy during her addiction – leaving her "off her head of drugs" during filming.

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The mother-of-four – who is also mum to Bertie, 11 – said she only realised she was a drug addict aged 32.

Writing in her book, she explained in 2004 she was unable to stop taking drugs, even when dropping the kids to school.

Never smoking in the house, as she didn't want to leave "traces" behind for her kids, Patsy said she turned her life around after a series of drug binges.

The 2007 book details: "By midday I was stoned. But it was OK because I could eat something and be fine by 3.30pm when I needed to leave before the school run.

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"Three hours later, I had just finished my third joint and second jam doughnut and I stood in the middle of the room and thought, 'is this what my life has come to?"'

Patsy added that she would be "violently sick" after taking drugs, leaving her feeling "physically ill, horrible and dirty".

The turning point for the actress was enrolling in a Twelve Step Fellowship programme, which ended her addiction.

Patsy, who lives in California with her kids and runs a hair product business, now lives a very different lifestyle.

She recently said her daily routine starts with "gratitude meditation" as well as a "healthy breakfast".

Over the weekend, Patsy joined the line-up of celebs taking part in Dancing On Ice, where she shocked fans with her age.

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