Do Jinger Duggar's Siblings Approve of Her Modern Fashion?

Do Jinger Duggar's Siblings Approve of Her Modern Fashion?

Over the last few years, Jinger Duggar has become known as the resident Duggar rebel. Ever since she married Jeremy Vuolo and was able to live on her own, she has been breaking some of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s hard and fast rules. And most of those rules surround the Duggar women’s fashion sense. Duggar has been rebelling by wearing pants and tank tops and even dying her hair. But do her sisters, who live a bit more traditionally, approve?

Duggar’s fashion sense has changed drastically since she moved out

When Duggar was growing up, she had to follow some intense rules when it came to how she could dress. Duggar, along with her many sisters, could only wear shirts with sleeves so as not to show too much skin. Plus, the Duggar daughters had to wear denim skirts. They weren’t allowed to wear pants, since pants could show curves and entice men. Rather, the denim skirts hid the girls’ figures as best as possible. But once Duggar met and married Jeremy Vuolo, she could move out and dress the way she wanted. Duggar started wearing pants and tank tops. She got creative with her style, and fans loved to see that she was straying from her parents’ way of dressing her.

Duggar recently dyed her hair — and her sisters loved it

A few months back, Duggar and Vuolo announced that they’d be moving to Los Angeles this summer. And right before their move, Duggar debuted a brand new hairstyle: She was blonde. Fans praised her in the Instagram comments and loved that she was growing into her own person. Jessa Seewald commented, “So cute!!!” along with heart emojis. Her sisters appeared to love the look, and fans loved it as well. “Beautiful! Blonde hair looks good on you!” one fan commented. The photo received more than 12,000 comments. And even those who didn’t love the color still loved the rebellious move.

It’s possible her siblings might be a bit jealous of her style

Though Duggar often gets love from her sisters on Instagram, it’s possible there is a small part of them that is jealous of Duggar’s freedom. Most of the Duggar daughters who have married are living their lives the same way their parents did. Jessa Duggar has welcomed three kids in five years and has joked that she might someday have more kids than her mom. Jill Duggar just built a new home, but there are no televisions, since the couple focuses so much on religion. But Jinger Duggar is out enjoying soccer games and exploring new neighborhoods every week. Plus, she looks super cute while doing it. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if her sisters were slightly envious.

Duggar is still very close with her sisters

Jealousy or not, Duggar has a great relationship with hersisters. She has always been close with older sister Jessa but still loves tocatch up with Jana, Jill, Joy, and the younger ones whenever she can. Plus, sheis now in a good place with her cousin, Amy Duggar, too. Overall, Duggar’s lifeis different than it was before she married, but she seems to be loving everyminute of it.

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