'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: How Long Will Abe & Paulina Last?

'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: How Long Will Abe & Paulina Last?

This week’s Days of Our Lives spoilers focus on daytime TV’s hottest couple, Abe & Paulina. Against all odds — including a meddling mother — they’ve managed to make their relationship work. But now, questions about how long they will last still linger in the air.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives are up ahead.]

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers suggest there’s trouble on the horizon for the pair

On the Oct. 5 episodes of Days of Our Lives, Soaps @ SheKnows revealed that Abe and Paulina got engaged. This is great news for the couple, who seem to be genuinely in love. And against all odds, they managed to persevere.

This is also confirmed by SoapHub. According to them, both Jackée Harry (Paulina) and James Reynolds (Abe) are thriving in their roles. The actors have amazing chemistry and are adept at depicting a “later-in-life” romance. What’s more, they’ve also managed to overcome the worst tragedies — such as Theo Carver, Abe’s son, getting shot and almost killed. They’ve also managed to overcome Paulina’s meddling mother, Olivia, almost doing their whole relationship in.

But just because Abe & Paulina are sizzling now on Days of Our Lives, doesn’t always mean that this will be the case.

Now that they’re engaged, Paulina has to come clean

The issue of Lani’s true parentage is still a secret — and it’s a secret that Paulina knows good and well. And if you believe the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Paulina has to come clean soon about it. If she doesn’t, she risks losing Abe.

“Abe doesn’t know Paulina’s hiding the truth about Lani Price-Grant’s (Sal Stowers) parentage – and Lani doesn’t know either,” reports the outlet. “This engagement should further convince Paulina to keep the real story buried forever, but that’s wishful thinking on a soap where almost all secrets come out!”

During the week of Oct. 11, Paulina’s secrets will start coming out. And they’ll come out despite her best efforts to keep them under wraps. Will this be the final straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back, as far as Abe is concerned? Or will their true love conquer all?

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Salem

Other Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that other couples in Salem will be doing a lot better than they’ve been doing in recent weeks.

During the week of Oct. 11, Ben is expected to tell Ciara that he’s made a decision about having a child with her. The spoilers indicate that he’ll finally be okay with being a father. And Ciara, of course, is expected to be thrilled with the announcement. Cin shippers, we have a baby! (Almost.)

Additionally, Chabby shippers will be thrilled to know that their ship is starting to sail again, as well. During the week of Oct. 11, Chad is expected to make romantic overtures to his estranged wife, Abby. But will that be enough to save their relationship — or is the Chabby ship done once and for all?

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