Danniella Westbrook refuses to pay license fee due to Jimmy Savile scandal

Danniella Westbrook refuses to pay license fee due to Jimmy Savile scandal

EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook has revealed she’s stopped paying her BBC licence fee, accusing the service of ‘advocating Jimmy Savile’.

The actress, known for her role as Sam Mitchell in the BBC One soap, said she doesn’t ‘really tend to associate or agree with a channel that advocates a person like Jimmy Savile over young people and actors and people coming up through the ranks that suffered at the hands of this abuser.’

‘I can’t condone it, I’m sorry’, she added.

Speaking on GB News, she further explained: ‘To be perfectly honest I don’t pay a TV licence, so I don’t watch the BBC.

‘Long, long gone are the days of Only Fools and Horses and great comedy and great drama that they made. For me, personally, I find their morning breakfast show very stuffy.

‘It just doesn’t appeal to me; I find myself flipping to other channels that have more and different opinions on them. They’re very one-sided.’

Metro.co.uk has contacted the BBC for a comment.

TV presenter Jimmy Savile sexually abused hundreds of people throughout his life.

Savile came into contact with the male and female victims – who ranged from young children to adults – primarily through his work for the BBC and NHS.

Recently, Danniella recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning and was praised by viewers for ‘sounding the best she ever has’ during the interview that saw her talk about her drug addiction.

She told hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary: ‘I’m happy to be alive after everything I’ve put myself through. 

‘I’m waiting to be a nanny, hopefully. I’m just so happy with this chapter that I’m in. I’m just happy with who I am and I needed to learn that.’

She explained how she has a ‘fantastic therapist’ and attends free 12 Steps meetings, telling viewers: ‘You don’t need to go to rehab. All they’re going to do is detox you, you need to get to a meeting.’

Danniella explained how she supports others with addiction issues, by guiding them to their nearest meetings and sometimes getting in contact with those leading them on their behalf. 

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