Daisy Campbell reveals Emmerdale fans will be shocked at big Amelia twist

Daisy Campbell reveals Emmerdale fans will be shocked at big Amelia twist

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) was shocked to get some news in Emmerdale when she ended up in hospital after dropping baby Thomas. Health checks revealed that she’s pregnant.

As Amelia comes to terms with the news and makes big decisions about what to do next, Daisy Campbell has been talking about the storyline to Metro.co.uk.

She says the news comes as a ‘massive shock’ to Amelia. ‘Because she’s so young, she never expected it to actually happen. I think the main feeling she’s in is the shock of it all.’

Amelia makes the decision to go to an abortion clinic and Daisy says ‘Filming [the scenes] was very emotional. I really felt it because I really got into the zone with it. I think going there and doing this alone without anyone is something you wouldn’t want anyone to go through. She’s so young and there’s that constant vulnerability with her age. She’s really on her own.’

Although viewers have seen Amelia struggle with her body image in scenes that will have struck a chord with many, Daisy feels that the scenes which are coming up as a result of Amelia’s pregnancy will show a completely different side to her.

‘I think the stuff that’s coming up will maybe shock a lot of the audience,’ she reveals. ‘I can’t give too much away but I think for Amelia this is her time to really grow up in the show. Obviously she’s been in the show since she was younger so everyone’s always seen her as this kid. I think now she’s really going to change.’

While the scenes might shock the audience, Daisy is excited to get the chance to get stuck into this new chapter in Amelia’s life.

‘I think everyone’s so excited and I feel really lucky to have this. I’m buzzing, actually! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and to have the chance to do it feels really good.’

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