Curtis Pritchard slammed by Celebs Go Dating fans for 'leading Daniella on' as he 'wants to stay single' in show finale

Curtis Pritchard slammed by Celebs Go Dating fans for 'leading Daniella on' as he 'wants to stay single' in show finale

CURTIS Pritchard was slammed by Celebs Go Dating fans during the series finale last night for "leading Daniella on" after he finally admitted he "wants to be single".

The Love Island star made his feelings clear in the Commit Or Quit ceremony, which took place in front of all the other contestants.

But viewers were seriously cringing at home as Curtis, 25, snubbed his date in front of his co-stars.

He said: "Honestly is a key thing for me. Because I think there's too many people that lie on this planet.

"And I always want to be telling the truth because I think if you lie to somebody, or to yourself you're only going to hurt people in the long run.

"But right now, I think I want to stay single. I'd be lying to myself and to you if (I said) I want more than just a friendship."

Daniella mumbled "yeah, yeah" as he spoke, but she looked crestfallen and shocked with viewers spotting her obvious embarrassment.

One viewer Tweeted: "If Curtis felt how he did in his speech he should of done what Kerry Katona did and show up single, not take Daniela up and embarrass the poor girl."

Another fumed: "Curtis pieing off Danielle at the commitment ceremony was bang out of order. Why not pull her for a chat before? Idiot. Curtis Pratchard will return to the agency next year won’t he"

And one more said: "Curtis should have lied and said they’ll see how it goes and saved her face. It was the most ungentlemanly thing I’ve seen. Poor lass!!"

After an awkward pause, with Curtis standing there wincing, Daniella said: "Don't worry, be true to yourself."

Elsewhere, Kimberly Hart-Simpson and her beau Shane Finlayson said "I love you" to one another.

Sophie Hermann and Tom Zanetti also shared a kiss on-screen after their secret bathroom smooch the evening before.

As the series ended, Curtis admitted he needed to "love himself" before being able to "love someone else".

It comes after The Sun revealed Curtis will slam ex girlfriend Maura Higgins in new Channel 4 comedy show Stand Up And Deliver

Curtis will reignite his war of words with his Love Island ex by labelling her a cheat and comparing her to a second-hand car and a dog on heat.

He takes aim at the Irish bombshell, 30, who he split from last year after they accused each other of cheating.

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