Crime drama Redemption is led by Hunger Games star Paula Malcomsom

Crime drama Redemption is led by Hunger Games star Paula Malcomsom

Trailer for Redemption on BritBox

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Redemption will be starting tomorrow (March 17) evening on ITV1 and ITVX at 9pm. The six-part series follows a brilliant detective returning home to Ireland following a devastating phone call confirming the death of her estranged daughter, who left home 20 years ago. The detective will be searching for answers surrounding her daughter’s death as she tries to build a new life in Ireland and taking care of her grandchildren whom she’s never met. Viewers can expect twists and turns in the series with some familiar faces in the cast – here’s a look where you may have seen the stars before.

Who is in the cast of Redemption episode 1?

Colette Cunningham – Paula Malcomson

Actress Paula Malcomson takes on the role of determined detective Colette Cunningham at the heart of Redemption.

Malcomson is best known for her roles in Deadwood, Ray Donovan and The Hunger Games film franchise.

She has also appeared in BBC drama Broken, HBO’s Watchmen, Krypton and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Describing her character, Malcomson said: “Colette is a Detective Inspector, who clearly has a gift for the job. She’s plain-speaking, she’s relatable and empathetic, and she’s got a great team, which she leads by example. But there’s an unorthodox side to her, and a persistence.”

She continued: “I love the first few scenes of this series, because you really get the measure of Colette – she’s on a stake out, she collars the suspect pretty swiftly and takes them through an effective interrogation; it really sets her up very well.

“She’s enjoying her job, she gets a lot of satisfaction from it and I really welcomed the opportunity to play her.

“It was important for me to play her as a very feminine character, and very much a woman, as opposed to a woman in a man’s world or a woman playing male cop tropes.

“I really wanted her feminine attributes to be the reason why she’s so good at what she does.”

Cara Lockley – Abby Fitz

Abby Fitz portrays Cara Lockley, Colette’s teenage granddaughter whom the detective clashes with.

The rising star has appeared in Der Ireland-Krimi and The Cellar with Redemption marking her biggest role to date.

Liam Lockley – Evan O’Connor

Joining her is Evan O’Connor as grandson Liam Lockley, who is also reeling from the death of his mother.

O’Connor is another up-and-coming actor and previously appeared in the movie Dating Amber.

Eoin Molony – Moe Dunford

Moe Dunford takes on the role of Eoin Molony with the star featuring in Vikings, Dublin Murders, The Dry, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Head.

Siobhán Wilson – Thaddea Graham

Thaddea Graham will be fellow police officer Siobhán Wilson alongside Colette.

Audiences may recognise Graham from BBC Three horror-comedy Wreck, The Irregulars on Netflix, Doctor Who, Sex Education, Curfew and The Letter for the King.

Patrick Fannon – Keith McErlean

Keith McErlean is Patrick Fannon and counts credits in Modern Love, Kin, Cold Courage and Vikings.

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Jane Connolly – Siobhán McSweeney

Siobhán McSweeney will be Jane Connolly who worked with Colette’s daughter in a hospital and will speak to the detective about her death.

McSweeney is best known for the dry-witted nun Sister Michael in Derry Girls as well as roles in The Falhunger Extraordinary, Holding and Porters.

Ross Corby – Scott Graham

Scott Graham portrays Ross Corby after starring in Vikings, Roy, The Legends of Longwood and Rialto.

Other cast members include Sean Hughes as Kevin Cheng and Patrick Martins as DS Luke Byrne.

Redemption starts on ITV1 and ITVX at 9pm

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