'Counting On': Is The Duggar Family Hiding a Pregnancy? Fans Think So

'Counting On': Is The Duggar Family Hiding a Pregnancy? Fans Think So

Fans of the Duggar family and their hit TLC show Counting On are collecting evidence that the family is hiding at least one pregnancy. Pregnancy rumors are not uncommon for the family. In fact, it seems like fans are speculating about what is going on in Duggarland every week, but now they have taken to collecting mounting evidence of a secret pregnancy, and they think John and Abbie are the ones who are quietly expecting.

Why do fans think John and Abbie Duggar are pregnant?

John and Abbie aren’t the most socially active Duggars, but they seem to have gone further into hiding in recent months. The last new photo of Abbie was posted in May 2019, and while she looked slim and trim in the pictures, she’s failed to give fans any new snapshots.


On July 16, the couple posted throwback pictures from their engagement. Many fans assumed a pregnancy announcement was forthcoming, but nothing has shown up just yet. The couple, however, has been married eight months.


The only Duggar who waited longer to have their first baby was Jinger. She and Jeremy Vuolo announced that they were expecting their first baby in January 2018. The couple wed in November 2016. During their year of flying solo, they traveled and settled into married life. It’s possible John and Abbie are choosing to do the same.

When did John and Abbie Duggar get married?

John and Abbie married in November 2018 after a whirlwind romance. The couple’s very first date was a trip up in the Duggar family plane, and they’ve been flying high ever since. They brought the aviation theme to their wedding, too. The couple married in an airplane hangar and decided to serve breakfast food at their reception.


Since their November 2018 nuptials, they’ve been keeping alow profile. While they do have a shared Instagram account, they don’t updateit regularly.

Why would they keep a pregnancy secret?

Viewers have often remarked that the Duggar girls announce pregnancies the second the test strip is dry, but in recent years they’ve taken to waiting a bit longer to announce a new arrival. Jessa, for example, waited a bit to announce her first and two subsequent pregnancies, and now it looks like the rest of the Duggar clan is doing the same.


Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar waited until they were out of the first trimester to announce they were expecting a rainbow baby. The couple had eagerly shared the news of their first pregnancy early on, only to suffer a devastating miscarriage.


It’s possible that John and Abbie are keeping things quiet until they knew for sure that everything is moving along smoothly. The couple also happens to be the most private of the Duggar kids. John has long shied away from the camera, and it looks like his new bride isn’t interested in reality TV fame either. While they do appear on Counting On from time to time, they don’t have the active social media presence that many of the other Duggar kids have. It’s conceivable that they simply don’t want to share their pregnancy with the world, at least just yet. 

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