'Counting On' Critics Think It's 'Sad' to See How Much Jinger Duggar Has Changed Since Marrying Jeremy Vuolo

'Counting On' Critics Think It's 'Sad' to See How Much Jinger Duggar Has Changed Since Marrying Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo might have been a fun, energetic couple when they first wed, but the Counting On stars have appeared to change their image and personalities since tying the knot back in 2016. Now, fans and critics alike aren’t pleased with Duggar’s social media or her personality. And they’re certain Vuolo is the reason for her change.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo wed in 2016

Duggar and Vuolo were first introduced through Duggar’ssister and brother-in-law, Jessa and Ben Seewald. The Seewalds had met Vuolowhile on a trip to Texas, and Vuolo eventually came to Arkansas to spend timewith them, where hemet his future wife. Duggar and Vuolo instantly clicked, and once Jim Bobapproved of a courtship, the couple courted for only a few months before Vuoloproposed.

Duggar seemed thrilled to marry Vuolo, and despite having to pick up her life and move to Laredo, Texas, where Vuolo worked as a pastor, she seemed excited to get out of her small Arkansas town and start over somewhere new.

Duggar’s personality has shifted since getting married

From the moment Duggar left her family, she began expressing herself. She started wearing pants and even dyed her hair — both of which she was not allowed to do while living under her parents’ roof. She and Vuolo attended local Texas events and seemed to enjoy being out on their own. Duggar even started watching television; all things considered, she was living quite a modern life.

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He likes using chopsticks, but forks are faster 😏

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Over the years, though, Duggar’s personality has seemed to shift from upbeat and excited to calm and underwhelming. Her Instagram feed went from colorful and fun to entirely staged, and fans have noticed. Duggar doesn’t seem to post content that reflects herself anymore; she only posts images that reflect her life with her husband and their relationship with God, despite that she had largely removed religion from her social media after getting married.

Critics don’t think Vuolo helps Duggar realize her dreams

Critics are beginning to think that Vuolo is suppressing Duggar from achieving her full potential. At one point, Vuolo praised his wife for being “meek,” and many people took issue with it. Now, people are taking to Reddit to discuss Duggar’s lack of overall excitement.

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Word of encouragement.💕 “​It is a good and necessary thing to set aside time for God in each day. The busier the day, the more indispensable is this quiet period for prayer, Bible reading, and silent listening. It often happens, however, that I find my mind so full of earthly matters that it seems I have gotten up early in vain and have wasted three-fourths of the time so dearly bought (I do love my sleep!). But I have come to believe that the act of will required to arrange time for God may be an offering to Him. As such He accepts it, and what would otherwise be “loss” to me I count as “gain” for Christ. Let us not be “weary in well-doing,” or discouraged in the pursuit of holiness. Let us, like Moses, go to the Rock of Horeb–and God says to us what He said to him, “You will find me waiting for you there” (Ex 17:6 NEB).” – Elizabeth Elliot

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“What happened to Jinger!? She used to have the best personality,” one user asked. “She married a controlling narcissist,” someone replied. “She went from controlling parents to a controlling husband,” another person added. “Her parents trained her to conform to please, and she married a man willing to exploit that,” another user commented. It was clear that critics of the show felt for Duggar, though their opinions don’t necessarily reflect how Duggar actually feels about her marriage.

It’s possible that Duggar feels good about where she is andtook it upon herself to make the changes to her social media and the way shepresents herself. Still, people can’t help but wonder if marriage is what madeher lose her spark.

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