Coronation Street spoilers: Horrific shooting, Geoff's secret and big exit

Coronation Street spoilers: Horrific shooting, Geoff's secret and big exit

It’s a gunman’s frenzy on Coronation Street as the truth about Scott comes to light, leaving lives in danger as Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) is left to die and Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) staresdown the barrel of a firearm.

Meanwhile, speaking of baddies, Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) is up to his old tricks as he schemes against Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) but soon a big secret about him is revealed.

Monday October 26 Part One

When Ray tells Faye that he wants her to act as a hostess. Craig parks himself at the bar to keep an eyes on things.

Scott talks to Johnny about the robbery and Johnny is horrified to see he has a gun. Johnny collapses from an MS attack but Scott abandons him. Scott bursts into the bistro and points a gun at Faye.

Steve breaks the news to Leanne that no specialist will fight heir corner. Gail implores Nick to stop Oliver’s suffering but he says he can’t risk losing Leanne. When Nick slams a door, Oliver responds, getting Leanne’s hopes up.

Todd is amused to hear that Eileen is meeting up with George and stirs the spot between them. Imran suggests to Alya they might have to sell the house and Gary soon chips in…

Monday October 26 Part Two

Johnny staggers to a phone box and reports the robbery. As Scott orders Ray to hand over the cash. Craig hears he call and fears for Faye. He enters the bistro as Scott dashes to the door. As Craig fights him, he is shot and Scott runs away.

When the doctor explains that Oliver’s reaction was involuntary. Nick suggests they note down all of his responses to prove he isn’t a lost cause.

Alya runs a credit check on Yasmeen and is shocked to see a series of unpaid loans. Yasmeen admits Geoff duped her into signing the forms – and she signed half the house over to him.

Evelyn suggests a month away to Arthur and he makes his excuses. Todd tries to belittle George, who pays no heed.

Wednesday October 28 Part One

Finding an old article about the old robbery, Johnny heads out. Johnny asks after Rob and his mum reveals the truth about what really happened to him – it ruined his life and he died an alcoholic. Johnny tells Jenny he needs to tell her about his past.

Imran reveals to Yasmeen that they need to persuade Geoff to sell the house so Alya gets to work.

Sean agrees to a kickabout with Dylan and he confides in Sean he has been dumped. Sean is sympathetic.

Evelyn demands answers from Arthur so he calls it a day.

Wednesday October 28 Part Two

Johnny reveals the truth to a shocked Jenny about his past. As Johnny explains the bistro robbery, Jenny turns on Johnny. He reveals he will shop Scott to the police. But as Scott reveals he is leaving for a new job in Kent.

Geoff enjoys winding Alya up as he has no intention of selling the house. Alya confronts him about the loans. In a bid to get to the truth, Alya and Ryan decide to follow Geoff.

Evelyn explains to Dev that her relationship is over and she’d like her job back.

Friday October 30

Hour long episode.

Jenny is prepared to give Johnny a second chance but Scott turns up and tells him the full truth. Emma overhears so Scott gives her an offer to stay silent. Johnny opens up to Johnny about his guilt. When she learns he is on the way to the police station she panics – and Scott pulls a gun on her.

Having overheard Geoff arranging a date, Alya makes a discovery. A police officer warns Alya Geoff has reported her for harassment. He later meets up with his new girlfriend.

Toyah tells Evelyn that she saw Arthur at the hospital and Evelyn soon gets to the truth. Debbie makes out that her business venture is making her stay, Abi wonders if they’ll ever be rid of her.

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