Colton Underwood looked shocked as comic Billy Eichner told him to be 'the first gay Bachelor' years before he came out

Colton Underwood looked shocked as comic Billy Eichner told him to be 'the first gay Bachelor' years before he came out

COLTON Underwood looked shocked as comic Billy Eichner told him to be "the first gay Bachelor" years before he came out.

The clip has recently gone viral after Colton came out as member of the LGBTQ+ community on national TV.

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Following Colton's interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday, where he revealed what many suspected for months, a video from his Bachelor days has resurfaced.

In the clip, Billy, who is known for his show Billy On The Street, sat down with the Bachelor to talk about his decision to remain a virgin "until he was in love."

When Colton asked him what criteria he used to determine if someone was worthy of being his partner, Billy told him: "I'm gay, I know that's a shock, Colton.

"That, I think, you should look into. Maybe you're the first gay Bachelor and we don't even know!"

The former NFL star was left speechless and he quickly looked away from Billy and the cameras before laughing it off.

As the clip resurfaced, fans took to social media to comment on the ironic moment.

One fan tweeted: "OMG. He was all 'it ain't obvious to y'all – but it's CLEAR to me'. He read him like literature….and we didn't even know it…"

A second one commented: "Oof this hit deep and I don’t even follow the bachelor universe. The absolute terror he must’ve been going through at this moment."

And a third one addressed Billy himself, saying: "Can you give me tonight’s lottery numbers?"

Little did Billy know was that two years later, Colton would be coming out as the first gay Bachelor following a year of introspect and mental health struggles.

During his interview with Robin Roberts, Colton revealed: "I ran from myself for a long time and hated myself for a long time and I'm gay.

"I came to terms with that earlier this year and have been processing it
the next step, letting people know… I'm still nervous. It's been a journey for sure."

He further claimed that he was the happiest and healthiest he's ever been, despite dealing with suicidal ideations for some time.

"I got into a place, for me in my personal life, that was dark and I can list a bunch of different things and they would be excuses," he said.

"I would have rather died than say I'm gay and that was my wake-up call."

He continued: "Even just suicidal thoughts…driving my car close to a cliff, if this goes over the cliff, it's not that big of a deal…I don't feel that anymore."

In the same interview, he explained the reason why he was known as the "virgin Bachelor," saying: "I was a virgin Bachelor because I was gay."

Fans will know that Colton was made The Bachelor in 2019 after a stint on The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise.

He finished his season after giving Cassie Randolph the final rose and the two dated for 18 months.

Following news of their split, a source told People that the two had different priorities and ultimately knew they weren't going to work.

"Colton and Cassie just weren’t on the same page. Colton really wanted to settle down and get married – he’s been ready for a long time.

"And Cassie just wasn’t ready. They both knew it wasn’t going to work," the source said.

While the split was originally believed to be amicable, things got messy when Cassie, 25, filed a restraining order against Colton.

Back in September, Cassie accused Colton of "stalking" and "tracking her car."

She was granted a temporary restraining order that forced Colton to stay at least 100 yards away from her, in addition to her car, home, workplace, and school.

Before the filing, TMZ reported that Cassie claimed Colton had been harassing and stalking her with text messages.

Additionally, he also apparently planted a tracking device by taping it to the bottom of the back bumper of her car to learn of her whereabouts.

After his messy relationship with Cassie, he also said during his GMA interview that he regretted how things went down.

He told Robin:  "I would like to say sorry for how things ended, I messed up I made a lot of bad choices.

"I loved everything about her, and it's hard for me to articulate my emotions and going through that relationship with her because I obviously had an internal fight going on.

"I'm sorry for any pain and emotional stress I caused, I wish it wouldn't have happened the way it did. I wish I would have been courageous enough to fix myself before I broke anyone else."

He also told the other women who competed: "I would understand why they would think that way, I thought a lot of this too.

"Do I regret being The Bachelor? Or handling it the way I did? I do think I could have handled it better."

"I wish I had been courageous enough to fix myself before I broke anyone else."

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