CNN Slammed for Being Disrespectful to Prince William and Kate Middleton During Report

CNN Slammed for Being Disrespectful to Prince William and Kate Middleton During Report

The network’s London-based correspondent angered monarchists after he dismissed the new Duke and Duchess of Cornwall as ‘the other two royals’ during his Saturday, September 10 report.

AceShowbiz -A CNN reporter is coming under fire for being disrespectful toward Prince William and his wife Princess Kate Middleton. Scott McLean angered monarchists after he referred to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by name but dismissed William and Kate as “the other two royals” during his Saturday, September 10 report.

During the report, the network’s London-based international correspondent covered Prince Harry and Meghan’s reunion with the new Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. The foursome gathered outside Windsor Castle to thank the crowds that had gathered to offer sympathy and to view the mounds of bouquets and balloons left by well-wishers.

“You can see Harry get out first and then you saw Meghan and then the other two royals as well,” the reporter said. Unsurprisingly, the remarks didn’t sit well with some people on social media.

“CNN’s agenda has been obvious for months. They’re in the tank for Harry and Meghan. Pathetic. The ‘other two royals’ are the future king and queen,” Daily Mail columnist Dan Wootton tweeted. “The other two royals, being the heir to the throne and his wife the Princess of Wales, who will be Queen,” another critic said, while someone else simply called it “disrespectful.”

Some critics also blasted the left-leaning network for “biased” reporting. ” ‘The other two royals’ – showing your obvious bias there,” an angry viewer said, adding, “What happened to unbiased journalism? Shocking.”

Meanwhile, the recent walkabout marked the first time for the couples to publicly appear together since Commonwealth Day on March 9 amid their ongoing feud. Along with their wives, the two brothers spent some time looking at the flowers and other tokens of respect left by the public at the royal residence. They also shook hands with well-wishers and received bouquets of flowers from them.

Additionally, it was William and Harry’s first joint public appearance since the Queen’s death on September 8. A royal source claimed that William considered the reunion to be “an important show of unity at an incredibly difficult time for the family.”

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