Chloe Ferry plans another nose job after botched op leaves her insecure in pictures

Chloe Ferry plans another nose job after botched op leaves her insecure in pictures

CHLOE Ferry is planning another nose job after a botched op has left her feeling insecure in pictures.

The 25-year-old, who has spent thousands transforming her appearance over the years, first went under the knife in 2016.

The procedure left her struggling to breathe because her nostrils were too small, so just two years later she had it operated on again. 

However her new nose led to endless online abuse, with cruel trolls comparing her to Michael jackson. 

A source told us: "Chloe has had two nose jobs but isn't fully happy about the way she looks.

“She has always said the last one was a botched job because she thinks the nostrils are different shapes and the tip isn't right.

“Despite being ballsy on TV, Chloe is actually really insecure about it and gets really funny when people take pictures of her. She needs to know it's her right angle.

“She's planning to get it sorted when she can – and she hopes it will stop some of the horrible trolling she gets."

Chloe has spent £50,000 transforming herself to get the fake look she loves – and previously said she’s had enough. 

In 2019 Chloe revealed she had body dysmorphia, which she felt was triggered by getting surgery from the age of 20.

She said: “For a long time I wasn’t happy with myself – I was negative, I was depressed and I was always putting myself down.

"But I started feeling a bit better about myself during the first lockdown and now I’m in a different frame of mind.”

Over five years, Chloe’s has had two nose jobs, lip, cheek and chin filler, and two boob jobs.

She’s also had a Brazilian butt lift – widely considered the most dangerous cosmetic procedure, after a number of deaths worldwide – and liposuction.

Chloe’s rep declined to comment when contacted by The Sun Online.

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