Chase Stokes Leaves Social Media After the 'Outer Banks' Season 2 Release

Chase Stokes Leaves Social Media After the 'Outer Banks' Season 2 Release

Over the weekend, Chase Stokes made a big announcement on his Instagram. It has only been a few weeks since Netflix released Outer Banks Season 2. While Stokes was highly active up to and during the season 2 premiere, now he’s taking a break from social media to focus on his mental well-being. 

‘Outer Banks’ Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix 

After season 1 of Outer Banks went viral, many fans couldn’t wait to see more from the Pogues. Outer Banks Season 2 debuted on July 30, 2021. 

The Outer Banks cast, including Stokes, were excited about the season 2 release, sharing many teaser images on social media. “Holy guacamole it’s about to go down,” Stokes captioned a photo on Instagram the day before season 2 dropped. 

He also shared a behind-the-scenes video of he and co-star Rudy Pankow the same day. “Me and toot’s final ride in the Twinkie for season two,” he wrote. “What a f—— journey it’s been. Hope you guys enjoy. Here’s us, doing what JJ & JB do best. Break things. Love you guys. P4L.” Now, Stokes is taking a break from social media. 

Chase Stokes is detoxing from social media for now

On Aug. 21, Stokes opened up to his fans on Instagram. “Gonna do a little social media detox,” the Outer Banks actor shared in his Instagram Stories. “Gotta take care of my brain. Mental health is a lifelong journey.” The actor has spoken about mental health before, partnering with the non-profit Bring Change to Mind during mental health awareness month.

Stokes remains grateful for all of the love fans have shared regarding Outer Banks Season 2. “It’s been a hell of a year,” Stokes added. “We are all super thankful for taking our little show into your hearts and homes again.” 

Moreover, Stokes promises he’ll return to social media eventually. “In the meantime, [I’m] going to have my team oversee my page.” He assured fans that anything shared from his social media accounts comes from a place of love for the foreseeable future. 

“Love you guys,” Stokes concluded. “Hope you understand.” 

Chase Stokes took a break from social media before 

Stokes’ break from social media isn’t a first for the Outer Banks heartthrob. He took a brief hiatus from Twitter in July 2020 after some insensitive tweets from his past surfaced.

After Outer Banks went viral, the fandom started digging into the actor’s social media accounts. When fans discovered some insensitive tweets, screenshots started circulating. “Bieber means beaver in German ha… F–,” read one tweet, presumably about Justin Bieber. 

Another tweet included a photo captioned, “Surf n—.” And another screenshot showed a tweet that read: “Just because [you’re] old doesn’t give you the right to drive like a r—–.” 

Shortly after the tweets started circulating, Stokes apologized. “I am flawed, and I am sorry,” he tweeted on May 18, 2020, continuing:  

I have posted insensitive tweets. Again, I am incredibly sorry. I really am. I hope you guys see what I am currently doing and how I am continuing to do the right thing by being respectful in today’s climate. This does not excuse my words, nor am I excusing myself.

Stokes said he would continue to work toward using his platform to “bring light to the world.” After publishing his apology, Stokes’ Twitter went dark for a period of time.

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