Bulletproof’s Noel Clarke takes swipe at co-star Ashley Walters for becoming a grandad aged 38

Bulletproof’s Noel Clarke takes swipe at co-star Ashley Walters for becoming a grandad aged 38

BULLETPROOF star Noel Clarke teased his co-star Ashley Walters for becoming a Grandad at the age of 38.

The pair along with Lindsey Coulson, 60, star in the popular cop drama, which is set to air its third series from tomorrow.

In an exclusive Q&A ahead of Bulletproof's South Africa special, Noel 45, did not miss the chance to have some banter with his close friend Ashley, 38, who became a grandfather for the first time last month.

Clarke began: “Congratulations to Ashley being a grandad, I love it! Because I’m the oldest one and now he’s the grandad I love it!”

He then joked: “Grandad Walters and old man Walters, where is he?”, which left Lindsey and Ashley in hysterics.

Noel chuckled and added: “Where’s old man Walters? He’s on the hill, old man Walters is coming run!”, and Walters responded amidst laughter: “Let’s cut let’s cut, we can’t do this!”

The trio discussed working with each other on set, with Lindsey admitting finding it hard to shoot serious scenes because Ashley and Noel keep making her laugh.

“Those two (Ashley and Noel) I can’t really work with because they spend most of the time making me laugh so I can never do anything really serious”, Coulson explained.

“You just end up smiling and laughing at them. They are a great team together and that’s the same in all the Bulletproof’s, working with them has been great.”

Ashley added: “Once me and Lindsay start laughing it’s a wrap”, before Noel chimed in: “This is my goal every day, if they are on set is to make each other laugh, if Ashley finds Lindsey’s laugh funny and if Lindsey finds Ashley’s laugh funny, you have got to shut the whole day down!”

Bulletproof first hit screens in May 2018 and fans will be pleased to know it was renewed for a fourth series last week.

The pair both shared a desire to star in a show together and Noel revealed it was Ashley who came with the idea of the programme being a police drama.

After being approached by Ashley at an awards ceremony, the former Doctor Who star recalled the time they met up to discuss what type of show they wanted to bring to the small screen.

Clarke shared: “We just started shooting the breeze about what we would like to see and both of us resonated with cop shows.

“Ashley said ‘I think we should do a cop show’, I can’t take credit for that it literally came out of Ashley’s mouth and I said ‘yes, that’s a good idea.”’

Noel added that the pair decided to play characters opposite to how they were perceived at the time, which made for an interesting and successful dynamic.

He shared: “This was about seven or eight years ago, I was seen as the goody-two shoes at the time so I’d be the crazy one, Ashley had some troubles back then, so we said he will be the family man, and it went from there.” 

The spin-off, produced by Vertigo Films, follows the duo who endeavour to find a missing girl who is mysteriously kidnapped. Even though they are supposed to be on holiday, Ronnie Pike (Walters) and Aaron Bishop (Clarke) know they have a duty to try and locate her.

Bulletproof: South Africa airs at 9pm on Wednesday 20th January on Sky One and NOW TV.


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