Big Brothers Pauls life off screen from job to girlfriend and reason he never wears shirt

Big Brothers Pauls life off screen from job to girlfriend and reason he never wears shirt

Big Brother made its comeback earlier this month, and fans of the iconic series have already been treated to drama, wholesome moments, and, of course, heaps of laughter.

Liverpudlian housemate Paul has found himself one of the show's more controversial contestants, after being embroiled in immature arguments.

But away from the cameras, what else do we know about Paul?

What age is he?

Paul is 23 years old. Big Brother fans were left shocked after he revealed his age on the hit ITV show.

Paul made the admission after getting into a heated exchange with fellow housemates, Olivia and Noky.

One viewer wrote: "I simply cannot believe paul is the same age as me," whilst another said: "I can't believe Paul's only 23. He looks 40 at the least."

Another person said: "Paul is 23!?!" whilst a fifth wrote: "I’m convinced Paul is a 12-year-old trapped in a 23 year old body.. so foul and childish."

Someone else tweeted: "Paul needs to get so many grips, he's so mardy and loud for no reason. You're 23, act like it babs."

What is his job?

Day to day, Paul works as a security officer. However, he also has a lucrative side hustle making adult content on OnlyFans.

However, just hours after he entered the house, his risqué content was leaked online.

Some raunchy snaps showing the brunette star fully in the nude were reportedly leaked online.

The images, which have been seen by the Daily Star, showed the reality TV star posing in his birthday suit with a full cheeky smile.

He was also reported to be showing off his ripped physique and abs in a series of smouldering photographic poses.

Why does he never wear a top?

One Big Brother viewer recently took to social media to joke, “Someone get Paul a top, I’ll personally pay for it,” while another pondered, “How warm is the Big Brother house if Olivia is in a sparkly bikini top and Paul’s always topless? Their heating bill must be HUGE.”

A third remarked, “Is Paul allergic to shirts or something? Oh my days, get a top on.”

But former housemate Zak Srakaew, who was the second contestant to be evicted from the Big Brother house, has lifted the lid on why Paul is always shirtless.

He told Heat World.: “Paul says that when he’s at home with his family or his grandad he’s always walking around in boxers or shorts and that’s just who he is. He loves just being naked and he loves walking around comfortable. He doesn’t really care."

Zak added that Paul says unless he’s got something to do or somewhere to be, you’ll never catch him with clothes on.

Does he have a girlfriend?

Yes, Paul does have a girlfriend – despite fans spotting a potential romance brewing between him and fellow housemate, Olivia Young.

Evictee Zak spilled the beans, and admitted she looks just like Olivia.

“I feel like they do have a little flirt here and there, but Olivia knows Paul’s got a girlfriend, so she’s taking a step back," he told Heat World.

"But I do know if Paul was single in there, he’d definitely be all over her like boyfriend and girlfriend."

Big Brother continues at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX

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