Big Bang Theory plot hole: Fans expose major inconsistency with Bill Gates cameo

Big Bang Theory plot hole: Fans expose major inconsistency with Bill Gates cameo

Kaley Cuoco discusses the ending of The Big Bang Theory

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Big Bang Theory remains a huge hit among fans despite the series concluding in 2019. The CBS sitcom has embedded itself in the history of pop culture with memorable jokes – and has heaps of fans across the world re-watching. One observant fan spotted an inconsistency error will Bill Gates’ cameo.

Taking to Reddit, the viewer exposed the plot hole: “I noticed in S4, E17 the gang are hanging out at Raj’s and talking about Sheldon, they mention that Sheldon got punch by Bill Gates at university.

“And apparently all the other guys were there to witness that, hence they met Bill Gates, in the final seasons when Penny is going to meet Bill Gates and plans for Leonard to meet him, he mentions that he only met him once, with her mom and he cried that day.”

It was the episode titled The Toast Derivation where Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) reveals that he was punched by the businessman, for saying he could’ve put more thought into Windows Vista if he wasn’t so involved with the children in Africa.

Fans of the Big Bang Theory will understand that this is unsurprising for Sheldon as he also has a number of restraining orders against him from his heroes.

Throughout the series, Sheldon has mentioned the celebrities who have placed these court-ordered restrictions against him like Stan Lee, Bill Nye, Leonard Nimoy and Carl Sagan.

As a senior theoretical particle physicist at the California Institute of Technology, Sheldon is a whiz at all things science.

At 16 years of age, he earned his first PhD and went on to gain four other degrees in his field.

Sheldon was also a major computer nerd and this was seen in the season episode title Peanut Reaction, where he and Penny went to the electronics store.

Instead of finding a gift for Leonard, he began advising customers with their electronics woes, even though he didn’t work at the store.

His love for electronics was the reason he got at Bill Gates for Windows Vista and ultimately received a punch from him.

As witnessed by his friends, it was a major blunder for Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) to say that he’d only seen Bill Gates once.

Season 11 is when he states this after meeting the businessman for a second time.

Bill Gates was spending the day with Penny Hofstadter (Kaley Cuoco) at work because he was interested in her company as they wanted to develop affordable vaccines.

After she announced the news to her friends, her husband Leonard asks if he can join them to talk about his job as an experimental physicist.

She warns him that the visit is work and not a social event but Leonard burst into a puddle of tears in front of Bill Gates.

There he mentioned he had met the businessman once before through his mother at his home of New Jersey, although he was there to witness Sheldon getting punched.

The Big Bang Theory is renowned for having celebrities guests star in the series to make a cameo.

Familiar faces include Stephen Hawkins, LeVar Burton, Carrie Fisher, Steve Wozniak and James Earl Jones.

With 12 seasons it’s not surprising that the series has the occasional plot hole and this one could’ve easily been missed by many other viewers.

Big Bang Theory seasons 1-12 are available to stream on CBS.

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